Wednesday, April 30, 2008

End of April

Greetings Readers

This is probably the last good day of the week (and month) to ride. Which made me think since today is the last day of the month and this will be the last time that I can take out Rebecca for the month - What the hell.

Also, since my winter bike is constantly getting flats do to my fucking stubborn attitude of not buying a cheap tire while my 4 Pro Race 2 Michelin Bike tires arrive and changing the tube is getting so ever so fucking so old I just wanted to ride another of my girls that I am not destined to get a flat.

I guess before I go on. Yes, I take full responsibility for the flats I have been getting every day. Nope, not every "fucking" day since I am not "fucking" mad. These flats are expected and I have no reason to get mad, except for my unwillingness to buy another tire while I just spent $ 159.00 bones (on sale) on bike tires that I am expecting any day now. Yes, I know a relatively cheap bike tire can be bought, but that is not how I operate. Or in slang - "That's not how I roll, my brother"

Just the thought of putting some cheap 10.00 dollar tire on my my precious girls is unthinkable! I will not compromise my "fucked up" way of thinking on what I consider to put on my bike and not what I consider not to put on my bike. Hey, that sounds like a Confucius saying. Nayh.

Anyway, I am at a point in my life that I do not have to settle for what I can get for cheap, or on availability. If I want something in particular I will make every effort to get what I want. Even if that means a drastic change of life in order to get what I want. Oh years back I often had to prepare myself for buying the things I want by cutting back on what I eat for two weeks or a month. Oops - I digress that is another topic for another time.

Now, getting back to buying a tire while my tires comes via mail. I will not also buy the same exact brand and model, but different color than I wanted in order to compromise for buying a new tire at the bike store up the street. One could say that - oh you could change that tire out once you get your new tires to another one of your bikes. I could, but I won't. Again, that is settling for what you have available to you as oppose to going out and getting what you want.

And again I state this I want my money's worth out of a $ 50.00 dollar tire (if not on sale). I will ride that tire until the integrity of the walls of the tire is so bad that the tire wobbles and I can feel the duct tape, coke box cardboard every time my tire connects with the asphalt. I am done with the tire when I know I absolutely can not get any more use of the tire. There are usually about 5 to 10 holes in the tire, threads hanging from the tires, the tire is so worn out that all you can see are threading/weaving of the tire and no rubber.

Wait, I can hear you now. Why don't I take off a tire from another one of my girls? Not in a chance in hell. Period.

By the way readers - I finally got a mini-photo shoot of Rebecca this evening - pictured. I have to say she is looking ever so beautiful. I have decided to put the new yellow tires I ordered on Rebecca and then I will switch these tires that are currently on Rebecca to Andrea and then I will switch Andrea's tires and switch them to Tracey. Then, I will keep the one good tire of Tracey and put that on Heidi. And yes - the tire that is causing the flats the past week will be tossed into the garbage. But I did order 2 dark blue Pro Race 2 Michelin tires so I might decide to put that on one of the girls as opposed to keeping them as back up.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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