Saturday, April 12, 2008

Saturday - A Rest Day

Greetings Readers

So, today was spent at home. Resting, resting, and resting. I have been watching the Deadliest Catch Marathon on TV today.

I also made some chicken and rice soup, with celery, carrots, snow peas, green onions, onions and mushrooms. I, of course, added various spices. initially I did go a bit overboard on the pepper in the soup, but that was brought down after some more ingredients were added. I was worried that I actually made a peppered chicken soup... er was making a peppered chicken soup. Oh, this time around I decided to use a vegetable (vegetarian) broth instead of a chicken broth. I wanted the flavor of the soup to be different as opposed to an all chicken soup base.

Anyway, I started making soup last night and finished up this morning. I have been having that all through out the day. What? Oh, I used a crock pot to make this soup and I have to say that I did pretty darn good.

Getting back to the Deadliest Catch.

"I want that crab count and I want it NOW!"

Wow. Hearing that from Sig Hansen (pictured on today's post) of the Northwestern makes me get choked up on what is about to come on the new season of the Deadliest (Season Four to you readers). Oh, I know my Captains from the show. I know that commercial does not show who shouts that sentence since that Captain's back is to the camera, but I know. And Sig does not take any shit at all. Like me. I guess that is the reason why I get choked up and a certain feeling comes over me knowing that I am not the only ones who demands what he wants.

Yet, in the commercial I did not really like seeing another "fight" amongst the deck hands/Captains - I am not sure which it is. Yet, it is Discovery trying to probably use that as a story line and if so I think I am not going to care for it. And I also hope that they do not drag out a day storyline for three episodes like last year. That just sucked. I think last year I was turned off by that and I actually only really watched the first and last 15 minutes of the show to the get the basis of the show. And truth be told I never saw the last episode until months later.

Sorry, I did not get to talk about the Ignorant Biker latest incident. I will write tonight and post tomorrow.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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