Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bib Numbers

Greetings Readers

I was doing some house cleaning and re-arranging when I decided that I would try and take a photograph of all my racing bib numbers that I have accumulated over the years. I was able to find most of the numbers, but I did not find a few years (minus 2005 since that the year of the Ironman Arizona and I elected to take off the whole year).

I tried arranging the bib numbers and not arranging, but nothing looked "right." I decided to line up the numbers and get a shot as you can see. I did want to get an entire shot since that would make the bib smaller in the picture and not very pretty. With that in mind I kept the distance you see in the picture as the distance I wanted to use and I think it actually came out pretty good. You can make out most of the words and numbers on the bibs which was the goal for this photograph

There was just one bib number (well two, but I keep that other bib number under lock and key and in mint condition) that will always be forever kept separate from all my other bib numbers. This was the bib number for my 2005 Ironman Arizona. I hated to put any crease in the bib, but alas I did. I hate to say this, but this is what I wanted ever since I started my athletic career. Also included is my wrist band that I was required to wear from check in date to the day of the Ironman race.

Anyway, I love seeing all my bib numbers through out the years. Seeing all those bib numbers make my life and what I have done seem much worth every cent, blood, family, dedication, women, TV and anything else I hold close to my icy heart that I had to put second since my Athletic Life was my number one priority.

Well, I still hold that number one, but now I am happy to say I have done everything I wanted to in life. Except Ironman Hawaii (Highly unlikely I will ever, ever get to do) which I still want so badly. I am content with what I have accomplished so far in my Athletic career - pictures, stories, memories, medals, articles, personal contributions and friends all have marked to show I made a difference in my life and hopefully others

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete.