Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Priceless "CD Player"

Greetings Readers

If you have been reading along about my life you know that I just came back from vacation.

Well, last time I went on vacation I forgot to bring my SONY CD player that I love. I did bring my Ipods, but that was not enough in a manner of speaking.

When I am travelling I am usually traveling to remote places and new areas that have fantastic radio stations.

I guess I am saying that Denver has no decent radio stations. Though there is really only one that I listen to and that originates out of Boulder, CO and that would be 97.3 KBCO. Other than that there is no real good radio station(s) that I am faithful to. I do have my favorite radio Disc Jockeys that are still around (from the 80's, early 90's) and everyone once in a while I will try to listen to their program's on whatever radio station they are currently are on.

I digress. So, travelling to New Mexico I have already pre-programed my CD player with the radio stations that I love to listen to down there. Rock, Pure Rock, stations are abundant. None of this 90's Rock/Alternative rock music. Not bad at all, but these radio stations claim that is "rock", which in fact it is not.

I, of course, love other stations that play rock from all periods.

The only drawback is the morning shows in New Mexico. They suck. Endless talking and dumb, dumb and I mean dumb jokes and skits. Sexual innuendos, bad jokes, puns, etc. And all these morning shows seem to have 3 or more people hosting and they are constantly tripping over each other trying to respond to one another. And "fake" laughing at each other's jokes.

Then again, perhaps with me getting older and older, I do not enjoy the morning shows any more. Yes, there was a time that I loved listening to the morning shows. There was Jamie, Frank and Frosty (Alice), Pete McKay (the Peak), Jo "Mama" Myers ( KAZY ), Redneck Roy (KPKE), etc., back in the day, but now I can not stand the new era of disc jockeys. Perhaps, I no longer have the tolerance for morning shows of that kind.

Anyway, I brought along the CD Player which also has the functions to listen to TV stations and access to 7 different weather bands. Also, New Mexico is a haven for AM Radio station from the coast of California to as far East as Louisiana. I love going through the AM band at night because that is when AM stations are the clearest. For example - Hearing the traffic update on I-105 in CA.

Also, this particular portable CD player has been with me for years and has been faithful and dropped so many times that I am in awe that it is still working. I bought and trusted SONY and this particular purchase has paid off. Worth the Benjamin I dropped.

There you have it. Though as I mentioned in the past year I have been introduce to the Ipods - four of them now and since last year those Ipods have been the center of my listening. My CD player now sits near by Cd's gathering dust.

I still love use my CD player, but only now use every once in a great while.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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