Friday, April 04, 2008

Platte River Half Marathon

Greetings Reader

It is time for the 6th Annual Platte River Half-Marathon and Buckhorn Exchange Relay that is this Sunday. Has it been six years already?

I remember last year at almost the same day. Boy oh boy was I having a bad morning and not to mention I was a bit pissed. But, the important thing is that I got over it. (and yes - I do have a post in my archives)

I actually have to say that I am going to register today (yep a day early - amazing). Sunday is going to be a sunny day and I think after a two week break I am ready to run a half marathon. I am not sure that I am going to get near or beat my record from a few years ago, but I maybe try. It will depend on how I feel today and tomorrow.

Oops, sorry readers. I had to check my time from back in the day 2004, I think. Actually, I think I have a good chance. My time from back then was:

1:50:11 and my place overall was 118.

I think beating that time should be pretty feasible. Though I am not making any promises. I guess I was thinking about another 1/2 Marathon where my time was 1:42, I think. And that is why I thought that may be out of the question to beat that time.

Anyway, A nice long break and some bike riding the past two weeks I think I should be okay for a great run.

And then I want to touch upon a remembrance. Pam Daale (pictured on today's post). It was the day of the 2nd Annual Platte River Half-Marathon & Buckhorn Exchange Realy that I heard Pam passed away from Cancer on April 4, 2004. I was sadden by the news and even now as I write this blog I remember Pam as if she was on TV doing the weather in her wheelchair.

Pam was terrific weather person. I am sorry readers - I need to give her the respect she earned in my view - Pam was a terrific meteorologist. She was more than just a weatherperson. She was not ditsy, I never heard any dumb references in general. I enjoyed her weather forecast during the week's evening news. Then, somehow (And I do not know WHY the reason why Pam was moved to the weekend forecast on TV) I saw Pam on Sunday's evening news. Deep in my heart I knew that it was Channel's 7 doing. Though a mute point now. But, then all of a sudden it seemed to me that Channel 7 was "milking" her fight with cancer. Again, I could go on an on but I am not going to. This post is about Pam.

I never knew personally. I never met her. Yet, I think of her as a friend since I watched her forecasting on Denver's TV. Yet, I think, it is because I have known several women who have passed away from this type of Cancer and a few who have been cancer-free that I feel emotional about Pam. I did not like seeing her in a wig, but I would overlook that since she was someone I watched and respected on the news. Pam Daale would be the second most person I liked as a newscaster. First and foremost is Ed Sardella - perhaps another time readers, another time.

I remember that Sunday - 04/04/04 - the sun was shining so bright, there was some low clouds, but what a wonderful day. If that was a day to pass away then that was a perfect morning and day. I could actually visualize her in the hospital bed with the sun light streaming in perhaps knowing that this was the day.

Anyway, Pam Daale's passing and the Platte River & Buckhorn Exchange 1/2 Marathon is something I put together and can not help to think of both. Perhaps I should "dedicate" my run tomorrow to her - though that is something with myself only. I do not mean to sound cheesy, but perhaps that will make up for something, whatever that might be

If I am the only one, besides her family, that remember Pam - so be it. One is better than none.

until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athletes

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