Saturday, April 26, 2008

Looking for Love

Greetings Readers

Let me take you readers off the beaten path for a bit.

I guess I never really, really have talked about my relationships. I have told you readers over and over that I love women who are blond. Yet, I am an equal opportunity employer in a manner of speaking. I, of course, am attracted to blonds, but by no means is that a hard rule that I stick to.

Matter of fact I am always getting the brunette. Yet, hair color does not really mean anything, I guess when I saw my first and dated a California blond I was forever changed.

Eye color is nice, but that is something that I do not take into consideration on first impression. I am not going to look at woman’s eye and think to myself “too blue” and not give her the chance of the day. I think the most important thing that I want to notice about a woman is her body type. I love slim, athletic, voluptuous body type, but have dated woman who are a few pounds over my desired type.

I do not care for a woman who does not have any intelligence to them. She has got to have something upstairs for me to connect to. Also, I need for her to notice when I am being sarcastic and not being mean. Also, I can not stand the young girl, head tilting, voice changes on every syllable of every word she says.

I love a woman’s thighs, breast are great, but that is something that I do not consider a high “thing” on my list that a like on a woman. To each his own. There are some things that I consider sexy and other things that I do not take into consideration.

I am much older and I hope wiser. I am looking for a woman who is mature, experience, laid back, and confident with herself.

Unfortunately with me, all my woman friends are married or in relationships. I have learned from the past, meaning my past mistakes that I can never, ever think of a married/dating woman more than just a friend. I am human and when I was younger I did not know what I know now nor the consequences of what my actions would do to me and the other person and their life. Though I will take every opportunity to look like I am the guy that belongs with/to her.

Anyway, I have recently started to make the effort to look for someone to date regularly. I sure hope that this is not mid life crisis or anything close to that. And yes I joined a dating service.

I hate to say that I do enjoy having my life intact. I do not have any responsibilities to the woman I am dating nor do I have the obligation to keep her interested in me. I know that I am going to have to work, put in the effort to date once more, but I am not going to be doing all the work.

I better stop right here. I was typing more and more and I started to get into the relationship once I have found her and I think at this moment I better keep that a secret – for now. I have to keep a bit of mystery to me when I blog to the world on the Internet.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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