Wednesday, April 23, 2008

SouthPark Jersey & Tires

Greetings Readers

"That is an awesome shirt"

"That is one cool bike shirt man"

This first statement was said to me in the grocery store (Safeway) on Monday while I was shopping for my dinner. A girl who I would consider cute, but probably too young for me - maybe. I said "thank you" and walked by her. And I tighten up (flexed) my thigh muscles just to show off my well muscled thighs. Too bad I did oil up. Hah Hah. Nope, I did not look back nor did I hear her voice again.

The second statement was said to me while I was putting a deposit down for Grand Theft Auto IV by the cashier in the store. A young guy. I turned around and showed him my back of the jersey and he laughed.

I do not think I need to tell you faithful readers what bike jersey it is. However, if you are not the faithful readers it was the Southpark Bike jersey with Cartman pictured pretty big on the front of the jersey - pissed off.

Anyway, I of course got a big smile and my mood lifted dramatically.

Moving on. Nothing really to write about. Two bike flats in three days, but you know what I am OK with it. I was not bent out of shape. The replacement tire that I put on from the other tire that was heavily worn out is now at the same exact stage. I have duct tape, patches, and light cardboard all inside of the back tire trying to keep the integrity of the tire intact.

Last night I actually had to change a tire without any tires levers. I forgot them at home, when I was last changing my flat. The tire was not too difficult to take off and on since the tire was well worn out. However, if this tire had been new I bet that I would have yelling and screaming like Donald Duck on a fucking temper tantrum.

Tomorrow, I will most likely order four Yellow Pro race2 Michelin tires for two of my bikes - Tracey and Rebecca. I have decided to go the yellow route this season since it has been some years since I have used yellow. Last year was Gray, the year before was blue, year before that was red, then I can not remember anymore after that. Green?

What is even more sad is that I color coordinate my tires with the appropriate bandanna handlebar wraps I put on.

I know, I know but I am a name brand wh-re

Update 04-23-08 8:05 PM - The name of the cyclist that was killed by a USPS Truck (and yes he was wearing a helmet) was Shahram Moghadamania - 53 years old. I do not know him, but take a second to remember for another Fallen Athlete in Colorado.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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