Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Caught Without My Pants

Greetings Readers

Yep, I have no excuse(s) (as with the Ignorant Biker - he/she would have any excuse ready for you) nor will I blame anyone for being caught out in the snow this evening in this particular state of dress.

I knew the news weather "Fore"-cast that was going to be for today. Rain/Snow was expected to be for today, but I was under the impression that the rain/snow was not going to be until after 6 or until later this evening. I was not expecting the snow to start at 3:00 PM where I work. Sure enough that was the case. I even listen to the news this morning and that Crystal on FOX news said snow would be falling later this evening. Yeah, I know, I know - I should have packed my long bike pants and wore a jacket to be safe, but I just did not want to. Period.

I was fucked.. er past tense - I am fucked. I gambled, which meant that I am stuck without a jacket and long bike pants. I did take a picture to capture how I got caught in the snow storm that started this afternoon.

I went to the "Sunday Ritual" picture taking place to take a picture since I have had not taken a "Ritual Sunday" picture for about a month now.

Actually, the weather was not too bad and the evening was actually warmer than it was this morning. Oh yes readers, I was pretty cold this morning while going to work this morning. Yet, this evening I was okay. There was a slight "bite of cold" in the gusty wind blowing, but very very doable. The snow flakes kept hitting my eyeballs which was a bit annoying so I had to ride with one hand up blocking the snow from hitting my eyeballs. No big deal - I will adapt and not make a whole post to feel sorry about me.

Not this guy. Hah Hah - okay, every now and then I will write to feel I need sympathy, but by no means am I looking for sympathy. Like is not fair and not everything is handed to everyone on a silver platter. Nor do I need your sympathy in general. =) Unless you are a cute Blonde with eyes to turn on any guy, such as myself.

I did get quite a few looks and comments and even one vehicle (pictured in the back of this picture) turn around and ask if I was OK. Yeah right, perhaps she saw my "tight well muscled developed thighs" and this was an excuse to ask me anything to me. Or of me. [Well, the picture did not capture the thighs nicely - the thighs actually look bland =( perhaps it was the cold, me not showing off the thighs and I do not even remember if I was flexing for the picture.]

Oh yes readers, I am laughing as much as you are. Nope. I am sure that it was not my "tight well developed thighs", but I will be Damn if that the passenger was fucking oh so Cute. She is right up Mr. Charley's alley on what he likes. Nope, I did nothing, except to respond "No, I am OK" and smiled. I then ran to my bike to get the picture you see on today's post before the timer expired. Oh yes, she was real cute. Even more so when I smiled back. Damn - I was thinking about the picture shot and did not even think about making small talk to her. Shaking my head in disbelief. I could have had a date with this unknown woman. Who knows.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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