Thursday, May 01, 2008

May Day, May Day

Greetings Readers

Snow, snow and snow. Thank goodness I got Rebecca out before the weather changed.

Alright, this post was written by me the same night when I commented on another blog during the day. A comment should be a comment and I did not want to leave a "book" on the comment section. Remember, I had a lot to say, but had to keep my words to a minimum. Remember readers - this was written before the outcome that was to follow a day or two later.

I am going to use an example readers in order to get what I want to say.

Let us say that you had a night of drinking and now it is early morning. You wake up and you can taste the hair of the dog in your mouth and think to yourself - why do I do this to myself. There is a dull small pounding pain in your head and you perhaps say "whew I need to drink some water and get some fresh air".

After 15 minutes or so you walk out the door with a cup of water that is all dinged up and has misc. stickers covering the cup from all the places you have travelled with that cup. That cup is your pride and joy - one might say priceless.

You start walking and minutes later you are at the park that is fairly close to where you live. You see a nice lone bench with the morning sun shining upon that lone bench.

You saunter over to the park bench and sit down and close your eyes. Your eyes are closed, but you have your sunglasses on so no one can see that you have your eyes closed. You can hear the birds chirping and you can smell the spring pollen that is in the morning air. You take some water from your ever so faithful travelling cup.

After about 15 minutes or so you feel a whole lot better and decided to seize the day. You get up and go on with a brand new outlook on the day.

Fast forward to the evening.

You are going home and you just realized that you left you travelling cup on the park bench from this morning. How the fuck could you have done that?!

You immediately make a detour and go the park as soon as possible to go and retrieve your cup.

May Day! May Day! The cup is gone.

Readers - this is the scenario in another way in order to protect the inno.. er perhaps not innocent.

Anyway, here goes.

You left your cup - it is your fault. No one to blame except yourself. What do you think happened to your cup? What is the first thing to go through your mind? What do you do?

Well, in the case of this person - they immediately thought someone (nope they did not use the word "Stole") took the cup. The person immediately wrote that how could someone take their favorite dinged up and covered in stickers cup after being left a half day in a park.

When I read that I was thinking - wow - how awful is it to think that some person took your cup. Meaning, that this reader automatically thought that someone stole their cup. The person did not give any thought that perhaps a park stroller saw the dinged up and sticker covered cup on a bench and thought that park stroller perhaps threw away that cup since it looked like trashed. Or perhaps the park maintenance people had come during the day and thought the cup was not garbage and decided to put in the lost and found where ever that may be. There are other scenarios I could list out, but it is a mute point.

The first and only thought was that someone took the cup (Again readers, the word "Stole" was not used), but the person did indicate that should you see a dinged up and covered in stickers cup somewhere in Denver then that's their cup. And if you readers can put two and two together and get four then you can deduce that the person was implying that it was stolen.

Now, I did leave a comment indicating that person some could have picked up the not so new cup and threw the cup in the nearest trash receptacle for disposal which in turn makes the park look beautiful once more. I also commented who would want that dinged up cup?

There are other possibilities - How do we not know that some homeless person perhaps took a piss in that cup and left it there? Would you want that cup? I know, I know - a cup can be washed, but that is besides the point I would not want a cup that has been through that. I also do not know who used that cup - could that person have something that could be transferred to me by just touching the cup. I don't know.

Present day - The cup was located - the park maintenance did have the dinged up cup and was rightfully returned and the person was ever so happy with the priceless one of a kind cup.

I am not right. I do not need to add another comment to add something more to say or to say the last word. My issue was this person was so one sided on their thinking that someone took their cup and did not give any thought to other possibilities. The person does not need to apologize to anyone for assuming that someone took their cup, but a simple I was wrong may be in order. And yes sure as shit - I do admit, from time to time, I am wrong. I know from personal experiences it is not fun to eat crow after being proven wrong. In closing - let sleeping dogs lie (pictured on today's post - Koko).

As you faithful readers perhaps know I do think I am high and mighty at times (or perhaps all the time), but I do get taken back down to Earth and get reminded I am human. I have had apologize for my actions for right and wrong, but mostly wrong.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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