Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Grand Theft Auto IV - Limited Edition

Greetings Readers

As the Title says - Grand Theft Auto IV is what I now own.

Long story short is that I did put a deposit down, but with all the hype I was afraid that the vendor would sell my reserved copy. Hell, if I was the vendor and the demand was higher than the supply I would sell the reserved copy to have cash on hand for reporting, especially at end of month reporting.

Anyway, that was my thinking at about 11 PM and right there I decided to head down to the store to pick up my reserved copy - just to be safe - at midnight. I wanted to be sure that I copy a Grand Theft Auto and not be told that I could not have one the following day. I am sure they could have used many excuses, but the one that pops up in my mind is that - sorry, Rockstar did not ship us many versions, but you will get a copy on the next shipment. I just did not want to hear or wait for that to happen.

I did play for about 45 minutes and yes I was impressed. I can now take back that I spent 460.00 bones I spent on the Playstation 3 and that I was sort of unhappy with my purchase at the time. I will eat crow and apologize.

Grand Theft Auto IV has paid off in my opinion and I did get the limited edition - A key chain, a lock box, music CD, art book and a duffel bag. It was an extra 30 bones, but I thought to myself since I am a Grand Theft Auto fanatic I figured what the hell.

I am in no hurry to complete the game as soon as possible at all. My goal is to have fun and take time. It is a world that I enjoy getting pulled into. Ever since I picked up Grand Theft Auto 3 years back on a whim, I have been forever a changed person about violence in a game like this. Sure there is language, blood, violence, degradation, etc., but yet it is in fun. and NO. There is no way that I am subconsciously thinking that this is what I wished to do. The franchise itself has introduced me to something that is more than just a typical shoot em up game. You have to work at getting shot, running a person down, etc.

Anyway, I love the radio, the scenery, the game itself. Wow. The driving is a bit weird, but I can overlook that. The people on the street, the trash blowing in the street, black smoke blowing from junker car, the faces of the people in the game, Internet, etc.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete.

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