Sunday, April 27, 2008


Greetings Readers

Settling. I do not like to settle. If I want something I usually make the effort to get what I want. Though the only one subject I do not do this is with women. I guess I still do not have the confidence in that area. And I do not know why? I mean from what I have written and what you read I am a guy that gets what he wants. Usually, by any means at my disposal. Yet, with regards to women I just do not apply that same drive to go get the woman, in a manner of speaking of course. Oops - digressing from the topic.

Settling. This topic came to light when I was in the neighborhood liquor store that I go to. You know the place where they know you by name.

The two co-owners know what I love to drink and what I do not drink. Notice - I did not say what I do not like to drink. I do make my opinion known on what I like to drink.

I have and will continue to state that I do not drink what I consider to be cheap beer. For example - Bud (and all associated types), Miller lite, Milwaukee's Best, Keystone, Coors, to name a few.

Though I do like MDG (Miller Genuine Draft) and Corona. They are consider to be cheap since I can buy them for a cheap price. What?

Oh, my beer that I drink is usually over seven dollars a six pack. My current buy is $ 12.00 a six-pack (pictured - Storm King). Yes, that is correct. I buy and drink what I like. I will not settle on drinking more beer for the same price. When I spend $ 12.00 dollars on a six pack I know it is something that I will enjoy to the last drop. I can hear some of you readers thinking wow - he could get two six packs for that same price or if you want to settle for cheap beer you get a 24 pack.

Not going to happen with me.

I just noticed in the past month that the beer that I drink went up in cost. What was told to me is that there is (or perhaps was - I did not ask) a hops shortage, which has caused the rise in price of beer.

Funny thing was that I did not give a second thought to the extra cost. I paid the amount and did so without a second thought.

To each his/her own. If you drink what I consider cheap beer so be it. I think nothing more or less of you. You may like it. It may be the only thing you can afford. Or perhaps it is the only beer that you like in taste. I do not know nor is it my concern. I am concerned for myself.

I drink and buy what I like or want to try and taste. Oh yes, I am an equal opportunity drinker. I love trying new beers that I have never tasted before. Yet, I will not make myself drink those beers that have strawberry, apricot, or some fruity essence. I am sure it may be good, but just the thought of a fruity taste in a beer does not sound too good to me

Anyway, I thought to go to this subject once more since there is/was a hops shortage and I have been paying more for drinking my beer I am currently drinking.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete .

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