Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Guns & Roses - The Original Band Member Back - ?!!?!

Greetings Readers

Well, boy a lot has happened since my last post.  I did see Star Wars - The Force Awakens... but what drew my attention when I saw the movie twice - The first regular and the second time in 3D was in the Trailers - I hear Guns 'n Roses and we viewers see a black and white footage of concert goers and then that was that.  Of course you faithful followers know that I am a huge Gun 'n' Roses Fan.  I thought perhaps they were going to re-lease a concert film by the original group. 

Anyway, that was my thinking, but from the short clip it could have been anything.  That is until last week/this week - it has been confirmed - the Original Gun Roses are going to headline Coachella - in CA.  Unfucking believeable.  Now, at this time only three original band members have been confirmed - Axl, Slash and Duff are confirmed to the motherfucker - lol  There are a lot rumors and talk so I am not sure what is confirmed or made up at the moment.  There is talk about a stadium tour as well, but I hear that GNR is asking for a huge performance fee.  I don't know money costs of a concert show or what, but that could limit concert shows to big cities.  Could Denver pass on this concert?  I am thinking yes.  Whereas New York probably would not.  Anyway, as I heard and they were labeled in their original days - the most notorious Rock Band.  And as a VH1 Documentary - when the band played either you got the show of your life or didn't.  There was never a just a so-so concert.  I am excited.  Time will only tell what I will do.  Will GNR do a stadium tour?  Will Denver/Concert Promoter pay the fee?  Will the tickets be high?  Bottom line - more than likely I will go if all things line up.  There are already blogs and articles saying that we will not get the same GNR from the past.  True in a sense since there are only 3 of the 5 confirmed original band members as of today.  We are... what over 20 years since their last concert together.  Bad blood, various band, Feuds, substance abuse, etc.  However, with all that said and money I am thinking that we will hear the GNR of the past and we will be treated to probably a concert to be remembered.  Granted, a lot of things have transpired since the break up of GNR.  And a lot of words were said and whatnot - that could come up.  And of course they could go on tour then cancel the tour following the start for any reason.  Like they cancelled that tour date in Canada and I think the concert goers rioted.  So, I got high hopes, but I am not counting anything set in stone.  After all, it is GNR.

"Welcome to the Jungle"  Welcome Back.  Welcome Welcome.

Daryl Charley
The Faithful Guns 'n' Roses Follower

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Taylor Swift

Greetings Readers

Amazing now - I have to admit that I did like the sound the CD 1989 by Taylor Swift and now as she is older than from when I started to pay attention to her I have to admit that she is looking hotter and hotter more and more - there was one photo shoot this past year - Not the usual  make up, but made up differently and I have to tell you that photo shoot did not look like the normal Taylor we are known to.  Anyway, someone dropped off a GQ magazine and there she was - looking Hot

Until the next time
Daryl Charley
The Athlete's New Woman to follow - lol - perhaps

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Five Years Later

Greetings Readers

What would the world write about me?  I just re-read my last blog about the 24 hours of Boulder and I re-read what I read and what inspired me to write that blog post, but not for a positive way...

Christian "Chris" Pruchnic, the Denver climber who died Saturday afternoon on a treacherous ice- climbing route on Thatchtop Mountain at Rocky Mountain National Park, was the chair of the Front Range Section of the American Alpine Club.
On its website, the American Alpine Club describes Pruchnic, 42, as "an avid adventurer who is passionate about climbing, scuba diving and foreign travel."
At the American Alpine Club's national headquarters in Golden, executive director Phil Powers said his staff was in shock over Pruchnic's death.
"Chris was a very thoughtful guy — a measured individual," Powers said. "He thought things through. By profession and demeanor, he was a very considered and cautious person. It makes this even more bothersome."
About 2:30 p.m. Saturday, visitors to the park notified park dispatchers by cellphone of a climbing death.
The incident occurred on the "All Mixed Up" ice-climbing route above Mills Lake. The route is steep with loose ice, loose rock and snow. It sits about 1,200 feet above the lake.
Pruchnic was part of a two-person climbing party. His partner was uninjured.
"I would say he was an accomplished climber, a respected climber and a competent climber," Powers said. "These things happen in climbing. To the degree that the (American Alpine Club) staff is in shock, shaken and sad is a testament to how close they were to Chris."
Pruchnic was a manager of disaster preparedness for Qwest, company spokeswoman Diane Reberger said. He had been with the company since 2002.

"Our thoughts are with his family and friends during this difficult time," Reberger said. "Chris was a valued employee and will be missed."
Pruchnic was also an active member of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Association of Contingency Planners, a group that prepares disaster contingency plans.
"He was a really nice guy, a really nice person. I can't believe he is not around," said Bill Million, a past vice president of the chapter. "He would give his shirt off his back for someone even if he didn't have a shirt."
Million added: "He was a world traveler. This is unbelievable. It is a shocker."
On the website of the Front Range Section of the American Alpine Club, Pruchnic was described as someone who, while leading trips abroad, made it a point to learn about local culture and history.
"His adventures often include visits to ancient ruins, markets, museums and other experiences to go beyond just exploring," the website said.

Readers, if you haven't read that blog please do.  I was pissed off at this guy for his remarks about other runners on the 24 Hours of Boulder on a blog post he did.  Apparently he died 11-20-2010

I wonder - did this guy ever read my post about the 24 Hours of Boulder and how he inspired my blog post about the 24 Hours of Boulder as well as his comments?  I do not even remember writing about this guy's comments until I re-read what I wrote back then.  Amazing.  The when I did a search I would have to say that I was kind of shocked.  Could I find his blog post again on what he wrote?  Or perhaps that is gone as well?  I don't know.

Again, I wonder - what would the world write about me when I am gone.

With utmost sincerity

Daryl Charley
The Veteran 24 Hours of Boulder Runner

...I'd rather be a hammer than a nail...

Greetings Readers

As you know Readers I have a strong connection to music and I would have to say that I found another beloved song from before my time on Mother Earth

I finally got to see "Wild" and I was very impressed and emotionally attached in a sense.  I did not get to see the movie in the theater, but oh so wanted.  I wish I did.  Really.

In no way have I done what Cheryl did in life, but what I felt was probably what I felt when I did the 24 hours of Boulder.  She did the PCT and I did the 24 hours of Boulder.  I have written about this event twice, I think, and I want to say that when Cheryl reached the Bridge of the Gods is when I saw the sunrise of my final lap in the 24 hours of Boulder.  I knew that this was the last lap that I could complete within the time limit, but I could have gone another.  Anyway, in that moment when I saw the sunrise in the East coming over the Dam - it was something incredible-the colors, the feelings, reflecting on the past 21 hours, the pain, the relief, the end.  I guess when I saw "Wild" and put the music of El Condor Pasa (If I could) - that is the definitive music of that moment.  And forever will be now. 

I'd rather be a sparrow than a snail
Yes I would, if I could, I surely would
I'd rather be a hammer than a nail
Yes I would, if I only could, I surely would

Away, I'd rather sail away
Like a swan that's here and gone
A man gets tied up to the ground
He gives the world it's saddest sound
Its saddest sound

I'd rather be a forest than a street
Yes I would, if I could, I surely would
I'd rather feel the earth beneath my feet
Yes I would, if I only could, I surely would

I guess the part that really gets to me is... "A man gets tied up to the ground He gives the world it's saddest sound..."  I gave a lot myself during this event.  No doubt.  I do not wonder what Cheryl gave during her journey on the PCT, but I am sure that she surely did give it everything she could - she surely would.

I even still remember that one woman offering to walk with me toward the finish line - just a small loop, but nevertheless the offer was truly sad for me and I did get emotional when I heard her say that to me.  I was a hurting, beat, but not down for the count.  That last lap did me in, yet to this day I can still say that I did 57.12 miles in 21 hours.  Who else in the fuck can say that beside the elite few ultra runners on Mother Earth.  Running two fucking marathons in 21 hours.  I can also remember me in the early morning getting those "hand warmers" from that one guy at the half way point on the 24 hours of Boulder.  I swear I did not even think about even getting some of those, but when I put in my gloves - wow - I did tear up after that as well.

Anyway, "Wild" was a very interesting movie and yes I could relate in my own sort of way.  When you do something of what Cheryl did as well as I did - you think, you reflect, your mind is open.  Being on a journey and looking, perhaps watching, others around you on your journey.  Humans are kind believe it or not- even an asshole like me have a moment on humility.

Until now, I think I understand...

With utmost sincerity

Daryl Charley
The Veteran 24 Hours of Boulder Runner

Thursday, December 10, 2015

1 week to go - horrific

Greetings Readers

I know how horrific usually means something huge and...

and if not seeing "the Falcon" crashing through the snow covered trees and then crashing to the snow covered ground and appearing to bounce back up into sky is not horrific - then perhaps you are not known to the most famous spacecraft to make the fastest Kessel run ever.  The clip is only about 2 seconds long, but seeing that clip is not good to see for "the Falcon."  She is by far my most favorite spaceship - behind the Slave IV and B-wing.  I guess I should note-small spacecraft.  I have my favorite huge ones and from many movies and perhaps another time I may talk about that subject. 

I have not spoken to date on this movie.  I was against this from the start, but now with the footage that has appeared as well as the director JJ Abrams I have a feeling this will be a "true" movie and not get too flashy or kiddie or over CGI'd (computer Generated Images).  the Imperial Shuttles look fantastic, the Star Destroyer (or Super Star) in the desert.  Interesting footage.  Though I think I am not sold on the red lightsaber design.  My humble opinion, of course.

until the next time

Daryl Charley
the patiently waiting Star Wars Fan

Friday, December 04, 2015

Stone Temple Pilots - Scott Weiland

Greetings Readers

I just found out that Scott has died.  I am truly sad.  This singer was someone who helped me, in a manner of speaking, through a rough patch of my life when I was younger.  I know that some people thought he copied Eddie.  But he did not.  Scott was unique.  Sorry Readers, this is hard for me to write since I am listening to my most favorite song - Interstate Love Song. This is my favorite song among many.  I connected to this song while I was on the road - hence interstate.  I am really sad that Scott is gone.  I want to say that he was/is part of my life.   And matter of fact, on a side note - my minecraft friend earlier this year got me back into STP.  I listen to all the CD's and I remembered what I forgot in the early 90's.  Thank you Scott. 

"Leaving..."  Promises.  I am going to dedicate today to STP as well as Velvet Revolver Day.  Scott's lyric's and voice was a lot to me.  as he said "said to you..."  I do not know what else to write at the moment, so forgive me.  I am shocked on what I just read 15 minutes ago.   Scott was troubled, but probably no more than the rest of us.  Please do not forget that- we all have our own personal demons.  How we deal or not deal with them is our burden. 

When Scott covered my other favorite band - Depeche Mode - But not tonight.  It is amazing.  Scott kinda sounds like Dave but Scott's unique voice brought something else to the song which I love.

Thank you Scott

with utmostsincerity

Daryl Charley
The STP fan

Thursday, December 03, 2015

Picture of the 5000 piece Puzzle

Greetings Readers

Just a short post, but really just a picture of the puzzle that I have been on for the past twelve years - lol.  The last eleven do not count since I did not technically work on.  I yahoo'd and was able to find the picture.  The picture has a bright colors, but in reality my puzzle is darker-darker waters and sky - meaning a deeper blue

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The I don't care Athlete at the moment

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

12 Years A Jigsaw Puzzle Slave

Greetings Readers

So, the unavoidable was handled last night.  I had to.  I just had to.  For the past 11 years I have to say maybe I have only worked on this puzzle once, maybe twice.  This 5000 piece puzzle has been the thorn in my foot for 12 years.  I was going along fine as with all my puzzles; however this time I elected to leave the sky and start elsewhere - sorry my memory of actually where I started is non existent to remembering where I started.  I imagine the big and probably my brother did the skyline.  I know that I did the water and that was something.  And then the sky.  That is where I left it - and now a decade later I have two puzzles I have bought for myself and that does not include the four puzzles that I have bought for my brother as well.  Of course the two that I bought are 3000 and 5000 puzzles.  For my brother I bought a 1000, 1500, and 2000 panorama puzzles.  The panorama puzzles are interesting - especially the one that I bought on Amazon that was shipped from England.  That puzzle was the Saint Mark Square of Venice - 2000 pieces.  I love the look as well as the color tones of the puzzle - the gold and black colors make the puzzle look wonderful. 

I digress. So, in order for me to start the puzzle I have to go through my puzzle ritual as well as getting ready to tackle another puzzle of interest.  Yes, if you faithful Readers are still around then yes you know me and my "rituals"  one could say OCD, but I would not label as myself as a "true" OCD, but hell yes I have my things that I have OCD on - example - the toilet paper roll as to put on roll over and not roll under.  I am not going to into other OCD things I have, but I bet I have mentioned them from time to time in this blog.

Anyway, I have puzzle containers and boards that I use when doing a puzzle.  Sure, I use space around the table/work space, but I also have my boards.  I need to have lamps as well since just one light source is not good enough for me.  The lamps also help me examine the puzzle pieces closer for color saturation as well as the shape and edge of the puzzle pieces.

I put the puzzle on the dining room table and saw that the puzzle looks great and I was able to put in a few pieces, but I still have that feeling that I do not want to try to do the sky  I am going to estimate that there is about 1500-2000 pieces left for the sky, but that is only an estimate.  I took a couple of pictures last night and I was impressed what I have done to date.  To date though is what it is - to date.  To date in the past 11 years I have done shit to the puzzle.  Though at least is out and I got a couple of light sources set up, but I know I need a better lamp source and a couple more surfaces for the puzzle pieces as well.  The jigsaw puzzle top is in the background of the picture.  You can good the puzzle and perhaps get a picture as well, but if I remember correctly the pictures that are on the net are not clear - more fuzzy.  Though perhaps that I change that with an update picture as the when I am done there will be a completed picture of this jigsaw puzzle.   By the way, when I was Amazon I saw that this puzzle goes for over $ 100.00 dollars or maybe it was over $ 150.00 dollars.  Which I know back then I did not pay that much, but probably close to a hundred, but again my memory of the price is non existent (though I remember buying from It's Your Move store when there was the the Southglenn Mall, which has been demolished for many years now in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado)  By the way - there is no review as of last week when I looked so when I get done I will write my review, post picture and then move on in peace.

I have made up my mind to do the sky now so I can start the other puzzle(s) that I just bought.  I am just hoping that I can get into my puzzle frame of mind and get those pieces into the puzzle.  Unfortunately, one puzzle piece got damage - an edge - Got sucked up into the vacuum and well it is damaged and the color is gone.  So the surface looks like the back of the puzzle.  At least it is the puzzle border edge and sky (dark blue) so I should be able to do something - a paint or something.  again I will worry when I get the puzzle done.  And I vow to get the puzzle completed before the new year of 2016, even with my Minecraft, fallout 4 and work.  I need to do this for closure as well as getting to start the 3000 piece puzzle.  If my brother is back into puzzles then I know that I can get back into puzzles as well.

Alright - enough for now and wow looking back at this entry I was able to write freely without feeling that I needed to write just for the sakes of writing  

until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Jigsaw Puzzle Non-Athlete

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

December 2015 - Puzzle Time

Greetings Readers

Tis been a while since my last post- over a year I think.  I actually have not checked, but that is what I am thinking.  Anyway.  I thought to post something since it has been a while and I actually want to track this endeavor.  I bought a 3000 puzzle just recently and I want to document the time and work on this puzzle.

I may catch up of some my life in the past year, but then again I may not.  A lot and not a lot has happened in the past year.  Minecraft, my life, work, personal stuff, news, PS4, Scorpions/Queensryche concert, the ex, Colorado, and the ... for another time I think.

By the way, here is a picture of the puzzle I am about to start on.

With utmost sincerity

Daryl Charley
An Aging Athlete

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

A Celebration Gift For A Big Occasion

Greetings Readers

I do not talk about where I work - only in Finance & Accounting.  Anyway, I just want to say that I, along with the rest of the people I currently work with were acquired by another company.  As of Last Friday, I got to celebrate in a manner of speaking.  And it is a god send that the ex is an ex since I am... well it is what Dave Chappelle (or was it another character?) is practically famous for a line on the Chappelle Show - "I'm ##ch ###ch!"  Which by the way thank goodness there is only one celebration instead of two this time of the year.  Yes, the ex had a birthday last week (and you know what I actually forgot what day it was-wow) and this year I have no responsibility of taking the ex out.  Last year we went to Las Brisas and I also got the ex a DVD player and the year before we went to 3 Maragaritas (and that was on a limited budget).  So, woo hoo one celebration for me this year.

I saw that the local liquor store that I go to... well used to go to regularly before starting the P90X program, had the Skull vodka on sale - basically 82.99 for 1.75.  That is an awesome deal since usually 1.75 is basically 100 dollars.  What even made this deal more sweet was that they had the gift set that I bought last year.  The gift set is 2 Martini Skull glasses with the 1.75.  So, when I saw that this was the same exact gift set I was excited.  I was kind of worried about getting them home safely, but knew I could do it.  And needless to say after some careful, slow and all sidewalks home riding the bike I did make the journey without incident.  The two newest ones are in the front and the two in back are the ones I got last year/

I did take a picture with all four skull martini glasses - in the immortal words of my ex-co-worker - awesome.  And of course placed the Skull vodka in the middle with the glasses.  Yes Readers, I did open that Vodka bottle to taste some of the best Vodka ever produced, in my humble opinion.

However, to recap last week.  I almost got sick.  So close.  Sore throat, cold, tired, lost voice and not feeling well.  When I felt that I was getting sick and I think I blogged about this.  I went to Sprouts and got Orange and Grapefruit Juice (The Simply Brand)  I bought four of them in the course of three days.  I also ate normally in a manner of speaking.  Not sticking to the P90X program.  I also had two sprites at work (16 oz) as well as water to keep my body full of liquids.  I bought some sirloin steaks on Friday so I had been having that all weekend.  And this weekend I slept and rested.  And I think that did the trip. And I did take one Nyquil capsule on Thursday night.

And to repeat I have not been doing the P90X program due to being in that condition.  Tonight though I am planning to get back on to the program.  I think I am ok now.

I did go to the store last night and got another 2.5 gallon of Deep Rock Water and some salad materials and chicken. 

Well, the weather has changed in Colorado in the past week.  I guess in the mornings it is now about 30 degrees when I leave the humble abode.  The days are now about 60 degrees - roughly.  The outlook this week ahead is barely at 60.  And of course the Daylight Savings Time ended so now it is getting dark right about 5 (little after of course)  What all this means is that I have to now wear my reflective riding vest, dress warmer and ride carefully on the sidewalks going home.  I do not have lights on my bike, yet.  Though I should be getting them this weekend or at least replace the batteries on the ones that still work.  Sometimes the winter and spring showers damage the lights I have so I have to buy new ones each year.

Update: that Halloween competition on that server I play on was cancelled.  Just as well I could not find a place to region a good size land.  I had the idea and that was cool.  Now, I saw that there is a winter competition and I have since then found a place of land (150 x 150 blocks)  I am in the process of putting up walls to surround the area so when I build no one can interfere.

Also, today I went on a bender on food-  For breakfast I had a Denver Omelet with 3 pieces of toast and for lunch I had spaghetti with meatballs, salad and garlic toast.   I needed to, I wasn't feeling quite right so I decided to get some "other" food into me.  And a fountain drink of Coca-Cola.  Again tastes funny, but it is alright now after finishing my lunch.  And my weight this morning is about 141.  I got back up to 143 a few days ago.  I took a another picture in another pair of jeans that I could hardly fit into about three weeks ago.  As of this morning I can fit into them, but with just a bit spare tire in the stomach and sides.  And as I have said before I just wish I took before pictures with me in each of these jeans I am now getting back into as well as not being able to keep them up anymore.  Anyway, for me this pair of jeans that now fit almost perfectly this is great results and showing the results of me following and doing the P90X program.  I forgot that I had button fly jeans until I put this on this morning.  Most of my jeans are zippers.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The P90X athlete ready to re-join program now

Monday, November 03, 2014

Welcome to November

Greetings Readers

Looks like I am all better this fine first Monday in November.  I rested all weekend, which I think helped out.  I will re-start the P90X either tonight or tomorrow after being off the program for over a week.

Just another picture of me in another pair of jeans that I can not keep up anymore.  Fucking amazing.  That is three jeans in the past two weeks that I can not keep up anymore.  Even with a belt the jeans look ridiculous when cinched up.  So, I may have to retire this pair of jeans in about a week or two if I keep losing inches in my waist.  If I strain a bit I think... or imagine I am starting to see my abs.  There is still a little spare tire, but I am getting so close to losing that I know that I am going to start seeing my abs once more.  Oh baby.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Athlete Resting

Friday, October 31, 2014

Definitely getting better Readers!

Greetings Readers

"Barn door Open"

I know, I know.  I just took a picture right after putting on the pants.  I wanted to get the picture taken right away.  And this is probably going to be the third pants that I am going to have to retire.  Same thing.  It is too big and the belt being cinched up makes the pants I am wearing look funny.  And yes, I did close the Barn door. LOL  I really really wish that I took pictures of me in all my jeans that I could barely fit or fit into back on the end of last month.  I bet the pictures would have told alot.  I know that you Readers can only see the aftermatg, but I can see the before and after.  And to me that is amazing.   Fucking awesome as my old ex-co worker use to say.

I am writing real quick so I can get the pictures loaded.

The other picture is my annual tradition for the month of October.  And if you faithful Readers are still around then you know what that means.  National Breast Cancer Month.  Every year I wear the Pink band to show my support.  Yes, I know many women whom have been affected by this disease.  And one of the main reason why... well I have my reasons

And if you Readers perhaps did not notice.

That is my my G-shock watch that I bought in April, I think.  Limited edition and not solar.  Kind of sucks.  But the watch is superb.  If the watch catches the light right oh yeah baby.  An "oh Baby"   And yes, people do notice the watch right away.

Oh, and I woke up with no sore throat this morning.  I got my voice back - almost.  At least I can talk. 

I will update more later.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The getting better P90X athlete

Thursday, October 30, 2014

H & G Asian Cafe

Greetings Readers

As I mentioned yesterday I am maybe getting sick.  Too early to tell at the moment.  And bottom line the throat is a little better today, but now I have lost my voice.  Well, if I try to speak it comes out croaky and choppy.  So, now I am whispering when needed in order to talk.

I got off work at a decent time last night and then headed straight home.  I was going to go to the grocery store, but I decided not to.  What was I really going to buy and how much do I feel like cooking after I get back?  I really did not want to.  Left overs?  A salad?  nope nope nope.  So, I decided to order delivery from my favorite little dive restaurant up the road, so to speak

H&G Asian Cafe - Here is the website

I have not been since the last time I was with the ex and that could have been in June most likely.  I know I have not been since the last day I left the ex's place which was on July 19.  And since then I have not been motivated to go by and starting the P90X program that is kind of a no-no as well.  Lots of noodles in the dish I love.  I love you - Pad Thai Noodles and Summer Spring Rolls.  Oh yes, I love Summer Spring Rolls and that was a thing I kept from the ex.  Next thing you know I would be buying two orders and I would be down another 10 dollars basically if I had introduced that into our former relationship.  Not once did I even order when the two of us went to this restaurant/cafe.  Needlees to say, it was over two years since my last Summer Spring Rolls.  Oh baby!  Oh baby!  It was good.  I loved every bite as well as the sauce that comes on the side.  Granted, I never had a Summer Spring Roll from H&G Asian Cafe before, But when the former place - Lemon Grass Grill was there - yes I did have at that time.  I was not disappointed at all with the taste of the Summer Spring Roll at H&G Asian Cafe.  Nope nope nope.  The Pad Thai was delicious.  Yummy.  Better than plain sex.  LOL.  So, I ordered in last night and again that was to get food into me and try to get to bed as soon as possible so I can rest and get better.

I have some left over so I will eat the remaining amount tonight as well as the left over steak and wild rice from earlier this week.  Overall, I feel okay, just can not talk.  Sucks.

This cafe is nothing spectacular in appearance, but the food is better than great.  Good.

Though something just triggered a memory.  The ex's youngest child ate with us a couple of times and the first time I bought.  However, when I saw that he ate of the meal that I bought I was pissed.  This child just ate the rice and meat with Teriyaki sauce.  And did not eat any of the vegetables.  Also, he did not even finish the dish.   I paid almost $ 10.00 for his meal.  Anyway, from that point on if that specific child was coming to eat with us I was not going to pay for his Dinner.  Although, I did pay one more time, but we had ordered the family dinner plan so in the grand scheme of things I was okay.  This child as well as the second oldest child were fucking picky eaters.  And I mean picky.  And lazy.  One of the times was that there was, I think, a 5 party frozen pizza party pack in the freezer.  The second oldest one decides not to eat what I cooked for dinner and make himself a pizza for himself.  He takes the last pizza and leaves the empty box in the freezer until I stumble on it when I was putting my steak into the freezer.  How did I know?  I put the steak on top of that Pizza box and the pizza box caved in and my steak fell out of the freezer and onto the floor right in front of me.  You see Readers this is some of the shit that I put up with in the last year.  Readers, this is just a few things I mention - there are a lot of memories regarding said subject.  They do not eat vegetables.  They don't like additional items with rice when it is cooking.  They cook everything on high heat on the stove.  Yes, everything.  I can not even count how many times I saw those cooking burners glowing red.  And so on. 

Well, needless to say I got to loathe the children about this same time last year (or a bit earlier)  Inconsiderate children.  I am not their father so I had no right nor was I going to tell them what was wrong.  I have no authority.  Here is a confession from me.  The ex has four children.  Four.  I was so embarrassed by this that when my friends and co-workers asked about the ex I said that the ex had two children (not four)  Technically, there is two around, so to speak.  The oldest is up in Northern Colorado and the third oldest is living in another state from my last bit of information.  A nuclear family plus two children minus a father.  I did not want anyone to know that I was dating a woman with four children.  Even now I can not tell them that I lied about how many children the ex had.  It is embarrassing.  And looking back the ex really wanted me to meet all four of them.  I did not want to - and I only met the two I am talking about and the other two I did not.  Yes, I know their names and from bits and pieces who they are, but I do not know them.  The second oldest should have been out on his own, but still living with mother and the youngest child.  I tried to get the ex to get the second oldest out, but it was one thing after another with that child.  Drama story galore.  Getting into a car accident, rehab, living on the couch, Getting his apartment rent deposit stolen, getting in a work accident, getting robbed, his account getting "robbed", kittens, not working anymore, buying action figures as opposed to saving his money, etc.  Readers, this all happened in about a span of six months!

Getting back to the post - H&G Asian Cafe if you live nearby.  Give it a try.  I am sure that you will like.  It was comfort food last night and I enjoyed every bite I had.  Excuse me, I loved every bite I had last night.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Athlete who still might/may be sick =(