Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bike Flats & More Bike Flats

Greetings Readers

I was actually surprised on how good the weather was today. I was expecting to have a cold and rainy day, but alas I was wrong. Whew.

I guess the thing that I need to start off with is that I have had two more bike flats in the past two days. One was last night while coming home and the other was tonight while going home. The first flat I thought that something sharp had punctured the tire since there was a nice round hole showing through the tire patch. I looked for a thorn in tire itself, but I did not find one and thought that the thorn had fell out while I was pulling over to the side of the road.

Oh, oh, oh. As I was leaving the parking garage at work I watched a vehicle pull out and lo and behold there was a flat rear right tire. The driver noticed right away and stopped. I coasted by and pointed to the back tire. I did not laugh but a small smile. Not a vindictive smile either since this whole week I have had flats almost every day.

Fast Forward - half mile later and that is when I got my flat tire and I immediately smiled, uttered a short laugh and said "son of a bitch" softly. I of course knew that this bike flat was coming, but I just do not know these days. Considering the condition that my spare tire is in. And of course me trying to get every penny I spent on that $ 50.00 plus Michelin bike tire Pro 2 Race. Believe me, that I want to make sure that I do get my money's worth, but in the case the patches that I have left and I am going to have to cave and get those tires I ordered pretty quick.

Current day - This evening as I was coming back from the bank I hear the tire go flat. Damn. This is getting to be like a broken record, but at least I know these flats are to be expected. I am not surprised nor am I pissed off since I know this is coming. Anyway, the flat was in the new part of the tube. I did not align the patches to the holes in the tube so basically there was no protection and the tube just got worn on the exposed parts of the tube that are showing through the tire itself.

No big deal. I fixed and was able to get home without any more incidents.

By the way - today's picture is of me in one of the RTD bus stops coverings. I know you readers are probably getting tired of seeing basically the same shot. I am too. But, I really have not had the time to scout/think for a new theme to take. Also, I have been busy this week due to month end close. And today was something else.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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