Friday, April 11, 2008

Is that that Sunlight I see

Greetings Readers

I can now see the light (from getting out of the woods). Just the runny nose/sniffling with lots of phlegm. I know - whatever.

I had some whole chicken last night - pretty basic though - some seasoning and then I just threw the chicken thighs into the oven. The important thing is that I am eating a meal as oppose to eating really nothing. Though, I have lost 3 pounds since Monday.

Today, I was able to get back onto the bike after I rode last on Monday. I am still physically wiped. I had some difficulty riding up the hills, small inclines, but otherwise I think I am back onto the road of recovery. I am going to have to make this weekend a rest weekend. I need to get healthy as soon as possible.

Today's picture post is Tracy which was taken earlier this week on Monday, before the snow, while I was waiting for the RTD, since I was literally worn out from start of being sick. Anyway, is she not beautiful. Tracey has been my new winter bike for the past two years. She has seen the icy cold winter of Colorado for two years straight. She has gone through a second set of rims and those are the current ones I have on her. Her gear train, teeth, hub, crank are getting worn out pretty quickly, since I feel her skipping gears more and more.

It is suppose to be in the 70's next week and I want to take Andrea out for her first ride of the year - as long as it is sunny.

I have not been keeping up with some of the blogs I frequent and well I do have another topic to talk about. And yes - this will be courtesy of the Ignorant Biker once more. The Ignorant Biker that has the holier than I better than everyone else attitude since I am "entitled" to the streets of Denver. I shall discuss that topic tomorrow. I have refrained from adding my two cents worth since other people have made a comment on what I would have said. No point to reiterate what was said and not to add another notch on their post about that blogger "Redhooktyrant"

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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