Saturday, April 05, 2008

Earphones & Stop Signs

Greetings Readers

As you can see from the picture, I had to purchase another pair of earphones. The prior pair that I was using... well only the right side works now. The left side, I think, has a loose connection and now the connection is loose, which drives me crazy. Music, no music, music, no music, etc. The pair of earphones on the left are the ones that do not work anymore, but somehow I can not make myself throw them away.

So, I caved and bought another pair, same exact model. And of course a SONY. Perhaps not caved, since I had no choice to purchase a new pair. Either I get or I don't, which in turn means that I can not listen to music while biking. Though, that is not true either. I have a pair of earphones at work. I have two pairs at home. I just need to have a specific pair and that is the reason why that I have to buy another pair of earphones at Target.

Well, this is the third pair of these specific pair of earphones that I have bought, so far. Before this exact type of model and brand, I bought the blue pair of SONY earphones. Which is the pair that I have currently at my work computer.

And before the clip around your ear earphones I was into the ear buds. Which I currently hate. Somehow those ear buds get dislodged from my ear while biking. Eventually one of those ear buds drops into my front wheel and there goes the whole ear bud. Ripped from the end of the wire. Along with the 10 bucks I spent. That pisses me off also. So, with the invention of clip around your ears earphones I have loved this type of device. Granted, my Oakleys sometimes prevent the earphones going in all the way into the ear. No biggie though.

Yet, there was a time that I was wearing headphones (the skinny type) upside down from my ears. Yep sort of like a stethoscope. The reason was the headphones could not be worn while I was wearing a bike helmet. Stop! That is not the reason why that I do not wear a bike helmet so do not even go there, my friend. =)

Anyway, I love this particular type of earphones and I do recommend them. Granted, I have some friends that would not use this type. Not a problem. To each his/her own. You are "entitled" to do that.

Speaking of "entitled" - the ignorant biker, has posted that on one particular day he/she decided to stop at all the stop signs. Shit - does this ignorant biker want his/her cake too?! He/she wants entitlement to the streets of Denver, but wants to stop at stop signs only when he/she decides that is the day he/she obeys the law. To me this ignorant biker is a h-y-p-o-c-r-i-t-e in the making. Or perhaps this is being introduced to the ignorant biker while biking now. Who knows. Who cares.

I just wanted to point that out he/she posted "Today I decided to stop at all stop signs" and this is the same ignorant biker that is "entitled" to the streets of Denver.

Me? Of course I stop at all stop signs. There are no ifs, ands or buts. Other bikers and yes there are a lot of them "run" the stop sign. So be it. I know where I stand and I am only worried about myself. Yes, those other bikers make me or other bikers who do not run stop signs look bad.

I have many, many stories that I could post for you readers, but I guess they are all about the same. Impatient vehicles, where to ride when coming to stop sign. Who goes first? Next? Where to look? More important - signal with the proper hand signals bikers. And so on...

There is sometimes confusion at the stop sign intersection, but me being me I do well. I have a routine and 99 percent of the time my routine works.

In fairness, I know where most of the stop signs are and with that knowledge I avoid that area to bike. There are not many stop signs where I reside (Centennial) in the suburbs of Denver, but I still will stop. This goes with me wearing earphones I need to stop and look just in case of that one vehicle driver that decides to not follow the general routine of a stop sign stop.

Also, near Central Denver/Denver, there are a lot of Stop signs intersections, but that should not matter. Learn, obey, adapt, and get over it. Life is not fair and never, ever handed to you on a plate.

As my old boss would say "Sucks to be you" and laugh. Hah hah.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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Mary Gee said...

I'll be the last one to cross the finish line, but I don't care. Hope you have a good race.