Wednesday, October 01, 2014

P90X - 2014 - Day 3

Greetings Readers

To start off the bat - it was a tough morning for me.  I slept on the couch and when I actually tried to get up.  I could not.  My abs were hurting and well as my biceps.  LOL.  Oh yes, the day that I knew was going to come, but did not know when has arrived.  Gosh darn.  I am in a good kind of pain.  I had to come later into work.  Needless to say I literally rolled off the couch and got myself moving.

I thought about calling in to work, but then thought even if I took the day off I do not have the day off since this is going to be Day 3 of the P90X.  So, if was a moot point for me to even say I am taking a personal day off since I am obligated to do Day 3.  I will admit after I moved around a bit I did loosen up and feel a whole lot better. 

Last night I did Plyometrics.  I know this is one of the easier days, but knew I was going to work out and sweat.   Fuck yeah I did both.  I can not believe how much I forgot how much you sweat doing Plyometrics.  When I started last night I saw the time - urgh - 56 minutes.  Dang.  Again Readers, it has been two years and I remember most of the routines, but I did forget a few.  All in all, I was able to do most correctly, but as we got to the end I was getting exhausted.  So, since I started this program I did not give in, but I still kicked it.   As another phrase from the program - Do your best and forget the rest.   As I mentioned I did most of the routines per the DVD, but got exhausted towards the end as well as during some the routines.  Thank goodness their was one person showing the modified move if you can do the regular move.  I did succumb to doing that a few times and I am not ashamed.  I would have been ashamed if I just gave up and waited for the next routine to start.  I was dripping sweat like crazy even though it was like in the 50 last night and I even had the windows open. 

The only two routines that gave me a hard time was the Rock Star Hop and the Hot Foot.  Again, I did what I could and the Rock Star I did very few, but I did attempt to as much as I could in the time allotted.  The Hot Foot - I did do the cross, but eventually I just had to hop in kind of one spot.  Again, better than not doing it at.  You have to bring it in order to see what you want eventually.  Oh, the Pitch and Catch was difficult in a sense that I could not get coordinated on how to pitch from my non-dominated side.  That was an issue as well the previous two times.

For the meal last night as well as for lunch right now I had Stir Fry Shrimp.  Minus my rice and various "extra" condiments I put in Stir Fry.  And I put in very very little nuts, 1 oz worth.  I ate one nut alone and I was in heaven.  Oh my,  The salt and taste of that nut. mmmmmm.

I know, I know.  Day 3 no Coca-Cola and no alcohol and doing ok.  I went to Sprouts for all the various vegetables for the stir fry and then I bought the shrimp at Safeway.  I even picked up a fitness magazine for the Ab routine.  I am not looking for another, but wanted to see the latest.  The Ab Ripper X is doing just fine and of course so not looking to do again tonight if any indication of how much it took to get up this morning.

I think that is about all I can blog about at the moment.  Tonight is the Shoulders and Arms and with my Biceps being sore I am not looking forward to it.  LOL

Note:  I do have pictures, but have to upload them from my new camera.  I will try to make the effort tonight.

until the next time

Daryl Charley
The P90X Athlete on Day 3

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