Tuesday, September 30, 2014

P90X - 2014 - Day 2

Greetings Readers

It is Day Two and boy my chest, biceps and back are sore.   It seems like I got really sore in the past couple of hours. 

I did the Chest and Back routine for Day 1 last night.  I forgot some of the routines that I did a couple years ago, but there are other routines that I did remember, but forgotten that I hated those routines.  The Dive bomber.  Fuck me.  I forgot how much I hated.  The other was the pull up bar.  Since it was Day 1 let me just say that the pull up bar reps were not very high.  Embarrassing.  The second time around I used my exercise machine that has cables and which is included in the P90X program as a substitute for the pull up bar.  

Then, finally the Ab Ripper X.  I remember this one, but I did not remember all the routines on there and I knew there a few and I also remember the time was about 16 to 18 minutes long.  So, I had another additional time frame on top of the Chest and Back routine.

Needless to say I sweated hard and my T-shirt was soaked in sweat and did what I could last night.  There was only a couple of times that I kind of gave up.  A couple. Then, those words which any P90X knows - You have to bring it.  You have to give everything you got in order to see the results.  If you don't then you are not going to get results.

I did mess up last night when I started when I was doing the routines that needed the bar bells.  One a couple of routines I was using and 25 and 20 weight at the same time.  I actually did not notice until I started doing the Back fly.

Dumb. Dumb.  My worksheets that I printed off worked awesome.  Better than the spiral notebook I used the past two times I did the P90X.

And guess what - it has been two and a half days without a Coca-Cola, or and sugary drink for that matter.  3 days without any alcohol.  I was feeling funny yesterday.  And that was probably the withdrawal of some sort.  Now, I think that this will happen again in a few days or perhaps a week.  I do not know, but I know going cold Turkey is tough.

Yesterday, I had my first Whey Drink.  Yuck.  Then, after the workout I had the recovery drink with creatine added as well and I have to say that was alright.  Better than alright.  Better than I expected.  So, I think I will up the creatine just a tad.  I think that helped to the recovery drink.

I finished late last night - so I had to shorten dinner basically.  Asparagus and the remaining Wild rice.  I did buy more Salmon last night, time got late though since I had to get to bed to get the necessary seven hours of sleep.

Right now, I had the chef salad for lunch and then tonight I think I am going to make the shrimp stir fry. 

When I got ready to go to work I was tired, just a bit sore, but the tiredness was what I knew before.  I could bike ride to work, but will take some time or I catch RTD.  So, I biked up to the Light Rail Station and then caught Light Rail in.  I had to.  Not Lethargic.

I guess that is about that.  Again, I feel better today than I did yesterday.  Though this water thing sucks.  I am not craving a coke, but I did take a look at the Lay's Potato Chips in Safeway last night when I was buying the Salmon.

Readers, I have been talking about the ex to you.  Since the ex- wrote and text that she wanted to talk the ex always found a reason and/or excuse to not to talk.  Or say the ex was planning to talk when I said something in one of the last emails to me.

I did make full closure about two weeks ago, but the real closure was about two months ago.  The things I wrote just this past week brought up memories that I was re-collecting so the anger you read it was true and what set me off to type those blog posts.  I am not angry anymore, but I hope you understand remembering and telling you Readers, brought up some past feelings.  Though I do consider this positive therapy since I am telling you Readers and knowing that I am done with the ex for good, and the ex's children, and the ex's family, and the ex's cats.

I am typing this at lunch so if I have the strength later tonight I will try to add some photos of the past two days.  The blog is the journal for the P90X program so I am going to once more use for that since it does help me and may help or encourage you to start an exercise program. 

I even tired to play Minecraft last night, but I was whipped and wanted to lay down and crash out.

Oh a note - I am not sleeping through the night the past couple of days and I think that is due to going cold turkey.  Again, just what I think.

And I actually had cottage cheese for the first time by itself in a long, long time.  And you know what Readers it was not as bad as I thought that first bite was going to be.  I have to admit it was kind of good. 

until the next time

Daryl Charley
The P90X Athlete on Day Two

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