Friday, October 17, 2014

P90X - 2014 - Day 11

Greetings Readers

Damn Readers - The Yoga X last night was a pretty darn good improvement from the first time starting again.  I was able to do almost all the moves - except that dreaded crane move.  I thought I may gave gotten close, but I am not sure.  Maybe the reason is because I am not quite strong enough to support my weight in that position?  That is what I am thinking. 

Regardless, last night I was delaying the start of the routine since the routine is 1 hour and 30 minutes.  When you get home your normal instinct for most people is to either relax or cook dinner.  Just depends in that you want or need to do.  In my case I wanted to relax. I relaxed for about 5 minutes or so then I started to clean up the humble abode.  Next thing you know it's 30 minutes later almost 7 PM and knew it was time to get started since that would mean 8:30 by the time I am done.

I pulled the Yoga Mat out, got a glass of water, my towel and took off my socks.  Pressed play and there was my/our buddy Tony Horton. 

I am not going to play by play this routine this time.  I did have better balance and then remembered the moves from the first time now since I have started once more again.  So, I was able to focus in front of me and not look at the TV.  I was able to listen to Tony Horton talk and moved to the move that was next.  It was awesome that the moves that I struggled with last time I was mostly able to do.  The balancing moves where alot better as well.  I did falter and lose balance a few times, but it was a whole lot of improvement than the last time.

Let me digress - The Vinyasa.  I do not hate this move, but I do.  I hate when Tony says that on the DVD and then know I have to do and then words after that "push up"  LOL.  Guess what?  I was able to a half push up.  Pretty fucking amazing for me.  However, I still hate the Vinyasa and this time around I was able to do the move whereas the first time I could hardly do in the beginning and then through the program I could not do.  Anyway, I am not sure why I really despise this move.  Kind of like the ex.  I do not know why.  I think the first part of the Yoga X with this move just seems hard on where it is placed.  After plank but before downward dog, I think. 

On the opposite end I was almost into Wheel.  I was so fucking close.  I tried three times and then had to settle for bridge.  However, I was just so close.  I pushed and nearly up... then couldn't push that much more and then back to the mat.  I am disappointed about writing about it now, but at the time I was so happy that I was so close. 

I was sweating within 10 minutes into the routine.  But, I was sweating more this time around.  I was dripping sweat from my head onto the Mat.  And the Mat was having indentations from my sweat.  Well, that is what I think, but probably the sweat and the Mat reacting together, whatever. 

I still modified a few moves since I was not able to do them quite right or completely how Tony and his team are doing.  I am happy that in all my stretches I was able to reach the floor or reach my toes (well the big toe)  Whereas last week I could not do that.  Or if I did I do not remember at the moment.

Oh, I only used the Yoga block a few times - mainly toward the end of the routine were I was getting tired and holding some position did require me to use the block.  No shame at all.  I am happy to say that I did not use the Block as much as I did the first time.

Next thing you know it was ohms time. The end was near.

Let me talk about the Yoga X.  It may seem ridiculous for P90X and yes I even feel the Ohms is out of place.  But I understand.  I do not Ohm, I just breath and keep my hands where they should be.  And Yoga.  I am not speaking for men, but doing Yoga just seems not right.  Regardless, I do not have a problem doing the Yoga X since I am doing the P90X program.  If it is there then do it.  I think I heard somewhere that some reporter asked a mountain climber why they climbed that mountain.  He replied because it was there.  The same mentality for me - because it is there.

Remember Readers, if you are doing this solo and in the privacy of your humble abode then do what you want and do not think of anything on the DVD as goofy or ridiculous.  No one is watching (unless you left the drapes open and people would be able to see you)  So, think of it that way.  That baby back move.  Looks goofy to me and the way it looks to a guy.  However, for a woman - oh baby.  The ex did that move for me a few times as well as Parker has now.  Sorry, I digress - it may seem goofy looking, but in the grand scheme of things the moves are there for a reason in the p90X.  If the move(s) do not work then they would not be in the P90X program.

I guess that is all for now about Yoga X this time around.

Overall, when I woke up this morning it seems my whole body is sore once more.  The good kind of sore.  I stayed up late last night and played some Minecraft - Survival and Skyblock.

Day 11 - Yoga X - is in the books.

I am wearing another pants today that I could not fit into prior to P90X, but today now I have an inch space. 

The P90X program works if you do it Readers.  Looking back I wish I had taken more picture in the jeans I could not fit into.  And there is a lot of jeans that I was unable to fit into not 3 months ago.  It is just amazing to see what is happening to my spare belly / spare tire.  And I am seeing the difference in the mirror as well when I am biking now.  Also, my waist looks phenomenal in these jeans that are now too big for me.  Amazing.

Oh Readers, I just want to mention.  Water.  I think I have reached a point where I am ok with just drinking water with ice.  No lemons or limes needed to flavor.  I still put them in from time to time, but now I can actually drink without any flavor.  I would not even thought that would have happened to me.

19 days without having no Coca-Cola.  A couple looks and one thought of buying that small little can of Coca-Cola.  Again, just a thought.  Not necessarily a desire

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The P90X athlete done with Day 11

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