Monday, October 06, 2014

Breaking Bad Binge - Last Sunday

Greetings Readers

Today was the final Sunday for the Breaking Bad binge that AMC has been running for about two months or so.  They are reruns.  I have seen them before.  However, I like the "binge"  It made for almost all my past Sundays great.  I did miss a few Sundays for various reasons, but I did try to make an effort to be home after 3PM on Sundays. 

I once more have all the seasons again since I had to buy one through four since the ex stole them from me.  I asked for my stuff back for over a month and in the end the ex tried extorting money for my DVDs.  If this way on becoming or is an Evangelist then these are not good things to start with.  Readers, I have may have mentioned this before, but if not, yes the ex- was not very cooperative on returning my stuff to me.  And in the end the ex wanted to tour my humble abode and then tried to extort money from me before giving my stuff back to me.  The ex said I owed kitty money.

What about my stuff.  I got some stuff back.  I even wrote in an email that the ex could some stuff - the ex made no effort to even return the stuff I said the ex- could keep.  I gave the ex's stuff back and then some.  I wanted to make sure that there was/is no reason to contact me any further.  Some stuff?  I missing a blanket, A towel, A cup, A glass, Dave & Busters Card with some points, An Ice Box Cooler, A tomato Plant. A computer mouse, Some cooking pans, some cooking sheets, etc.  The stuff I told the ex to keep, but thought the ex would return - some spices, some steak, some of my bathroom stuff, my portable boom box stereo.

I digress Readers - Breaking Bad.  Sorry, I think back on what the ex did on my original Breaking Bad DVDs and tried extorting 60.00 dollars for me in the end.  Even though in the ex's previous emails she wrote what the ex wrote- I did post one of the email's from the ex about that 60.00 kitty money.  Needless to say I was able to buy the seasons that were stolen from me and I now can enjoy them once more. 

The final six episodes are being shown and I am not going to say these are the best of the series, but sure does move very fast in those last few episodes and does have it moments.  I do not care for the last episode and I have many reasons why, but I think I am going to save that for my Breaking Bad episode thing I am planning to do.  I will let you Readers know that I love and think it is very sad for that one flashback scene of Jesse making that box for his mother in woodshop class.  I remember the story of Jesse telling it in NA/AA class, but to actually see a Flashback that was so sad yet so real. 

The gunfight with Hank and Gomey, Heisenburg on the run, Skyler's attitude in her "new" kitchen.  Junior's attitude.  The FBI agents.  Jesse pouring gas.  Walter speeding, really speeding out of Albuquerque.  Walter sitting with his barrel of money waiting for his ride out of town.  And then the scene that actually used the Breaking Bad theme music in the show.

Anyway, The Breaking Bad Binge is over and now we have the start of the Walking Dead starting.  The seasons will be replayed this week and the Season 5 Premiere will be next Sunday. 

Us fellow Breaking Bad watchers at one time or another watched the Breaking Bad Binge and enjoyed seeing what was one of the best shows that AMC has came out with.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The P90X athlete unable to do this past weekend

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