Tuesday, October 07, 2014

P90X - 2014 - Day 6

Greetings Readers

I did not have access to my P90X DVDs this weekend so I did take the weekend off as well as last night.  I also had three Corona's on Friday as well.  Though I still not have had a Coca-Cola.  So with that said I have been Coca-Cola free for 9 days.  And once more there is no real craving so to speak.  I see the Coca-Cola in the store as well as the convenience store, but there is no real desire to go and buy a Coca-Cola.  I am surprised on how well I am adjusting or not adjusting depending on your point of view by not not evening wanting to have a drink of Coca-Cola.  I remember the previous times, numerous times that I have not drank Coca-Cola or even quit for a week..  I am not going to say hell, but in those past instants it was tough and rough.  Why now has not drinking a Coca-Cola not being a struggle for me?  Who knows.  The other benefit is that I am saving 3.09 each day since that is what I was paying for my two cokes almost everyday.  That means I was spending 15.45 a week and in the morning alone on Coca-Cola to bring to work to drink.  This does not include the cost of the Coca-Cola at home.  The new cost is two Arrowhead waters that I have been buying instead for work.  And really do I need.  We have filtered water at work, but remember Readers I am getting to know Jennifer once more so there is a reason to stop by the convenience store in the morning.  So, at the moment I am estimated spending 10.00 per week.  Estimated since I really did not stop every day last week at the store to get my bottles of water. 

The water with Lemons is getting routine now.  This was my first weekend on the P90X program and I am not going to say it is or was going to be tough.  But not at work and you at home or not, there is more possibility of me breaking the no Coca-Cola streak.  I cut the lemons in half squeeze add ice then my Deep Rock Water.  Which by the way Readers, I mis informed you it is the 2.5 Gallons that I have in my fridge.  I bought another one on Sunday and then finished the one I bought last week yesterday.  I do not think that one a week was not bad.  Note - I have been using the water from my tap for the recovery and Whey drinks.  No need to use the "good" water on those drinks.  Those are okay as is since Deep Rock water is not going to make a difference at all.

I did weight myself Sunday and I came in at 145 / 144.  I did lose a lot of pounds in a week.  And I have been eating as well as following the meal plans as close a possible. 

Speaking of which.  I have made another change this time around.  There is a day by day meal plan that I used last time.  This time around I am using the meal plan again, but I am changing the schedule to fit on what I want to eat as well as to make sure that I am not letting stuff I buy at the store spoil or go bad since I am spending a lot of money on the program.  A lot meaning a lot more than I have been, except with the ex- when I was spending a lot as well.  I am not sure I blogged about this or not, but believe it or not I am actually eating cottage cheese. Who fucking knew.  I guess mentally I hated cottage cheese.  The look and substance.  yuck.  I guess it was like the last time when I started P90X program (and I did blog about it) when I tried Guacamole for the first time.   Cottage cheese is very good, I am buying a brand from King Soopers so I am buying that one brand and will stay with that for now since I actually really like.  Anyway, I surprised myself on actually liking Cottage Cheese.
I have no excuse for taking the three days off as well as having three Coronas.  It happened and now I got to get back onto scheduled.  At least I am not sick or not sore as I was, however you bet your ass I am going to be sore tonight.  You can count on it.

Also, on my "three day pass" I also played some minecraft as well.  I do not think I told you Readers, but I am playing on a server called DesiredCraft, which I found about two years ago.  Anyway, the server is huge and I so like.  I only at the moment play two of the games and those are survival and Skyblock.  The latter I have a VIP perk so that is kind of awesome to have since I get VIP benefits if you will.  Anyway, I have been beat and too tired to play last week when I got done with everything.  So, last night I logged on and did some Minecrafting.  I love minecraft and to me it more than just that.  I can build what I want and build amazing things.  To me this is my time.  I have many projects going and they have been and probably will still be there until the end of time.  I have goals, but when I get done with a milestone if you want to call that then I think of what I can do further.  Yes the builds are for me, but also to show off as well.  There are the players who are there and then there are players like me.  Perhaps.  That build to build something that is not like the rest.  As well as expensive.  To show off my wealth in the game.  Though the target audience are teens so I do keep that in mind since showing off to them is a lot easier than someone older.

I did have steak and arugula for the first time since being on P90X plan.  Oh man that steak was good.  Very good.  I also had Asparagus and wild rice as well when I finished the other half of the steak yesterday.  Oh I guess on my three day pass I kept to the meal plan.  No Fast Food.  I think that is something else I am surprised at.  I would like some fries, but in the overall grand scheme of things I am not craving anything specific at the moment.  I guess that is another good thing as well.  Anyway, so I still ate to the plan and not hard to since those two P90X books are with me all the time.

Going off topic - I was thinking.  I have a DVD collection, which I am sure that we have some sort of one.  Perhaps.  Anyway, I have some, a lot.  I was seeing the ex for almost two years and you know what the ex never ventured out more than a few movies the ex watched at my place - these are the only movies the ex watched at my place - When Harry met Sally, Shawshank Redemption, Thelma & Louise (though not very much) and that's it.  I blogged before the ex did not like the cussing and that was evident when I was watching Good Fellas, but the ex also commented on the fuckity and fuck fuck this when I was watching Gridlocked.  I did not notice this until just the weekend.  At the ex place - there is Frequency, Premonition, Fireproof (or something else, I can't remember) and that is all I can remember at the moment.  With that being said that should have been a red flag.  The ex really never explored my movie collection so to speak.  The ex bought me Big, but I gave that back.  Big.  Really?  A good movie, but the ex could have gotten something a whole lot better.  But didn't.  And that is the thing.  Why not.  Another red flag that I missed.  I could go in to the movies that the ex watched and I see a central common theme, but basically supports what I did not get at the time we were together.  And yet, with all that said there was no talk about what I watch and perhaps how it affected the ex.  Only the rude comments too much cussing, etc. 

Alright Readers I guess my time is up so I need to let you rest your eyes and I will get back to tomorrow (or later)

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The P90X athlete on Day 6

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