Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Just a Re-Cap after Week 1

Greetings Readers

I want to recap the first week of P90X and the the third time that I am doing the P90X program.

I feel the need to recap.

I am not going to say alot of things were different this third time on P90X, but I do feel that there was. With me having most of the equipment before starting P90X, I did not have any extra equipment cost.  Which is good.  Though if you do not have the equipment I do recommend getting the equipment.  The one I do not like to use are the little bars for doing push ups.  Yes you get an extra 6 inches or so, but I feel wobbly or feel like they are going to turn over.  That may be all mental or perhaps I have not used it that much therefore I have that feeling of perhaps turning over.

The yoga mat - I do like, but for some of the routines I feel the mat is a hindrance.  I do love the Yoga block and does help in the beginning.  However, in week two or three you will not need since you are going to be noticing that you can actually stretch more than you thought you could imagine from the first time doing the routines.  Who knew that you would be able to touch the floor.  Who knew that you would be able to touch your toes.  However, for me there was no way that I could imagine me putting that Yoga block on the bottom of me feet and reach the end of the Yoga block.  But who knows.

The routines - starting again I knew most of the routines so I knew how to do them, but some I had to relearn since it has been two years since the last time.  Also, some of the routines are hard to begin with.  However, modify the move if you can not do.  For example the push ups if you can not do more than a couple, then drop your needs and do that.  Doing that is better than doing nothing and waiting for the next routine to start.  If you can not hold your balance then alter the move a bit to gain balance.  It is not cheating if you are at least attempting to do.  Believe me Readers I did alot of modifying during the first week.  And it was ok.  I worked it and brought and am ok with it.  And now this second week I am bringing it and two days into the second week there is a very noticeable difference on what I could this second time around.  Yes Readers, you will amaze yourself. 

Now, in addition to the equipment I have been using the protein bars, the whey drink, and the recovery drink all from GNC (Yes that retail store)  I bought a gold membership and has already paid off in Gold.  lol.  But seriously, I know I needed the recovery drink and creatine from previous experience, but the whey is new for me taking on a daily balance.  I also bought ( and highly recommend) that shaker bottle to mix in.  Stirring with a spoon or fork helps a bit, but not even close to what the shaker cup does.  I am taking all that yet I am still losing weight.  I guess I need to up my food intake, but then again, I know at the moment I am losing the spare tire since I now have the jeans literally falling down since they do not fit anymore.  I will tell you that was an awkward day at work when I discovered that out and had to literally hold onto my pants while walking.  And yes, I stayed at my desk as much as possible.

Food - I am following the fat shredder program, but have modified it a bit.  I am making what I want to eat and I am also choosing from the categories as opposed to going by the food scheduled laid out.  Also, some of the recipes are huge servings and I do not want to make that much and let it go to waste.  Granted, I do not mind eating the same thing twice in a roll so as not to throw food away.  I cheated last night which I did blog, but in a sense of a bit of chicken skin,  I know, I know, probably the worst thing to cheat on but it was sooooooo goooooodd.  Otherwise, no fast food.  No Coca-Cola.  And Readers my Coca Cola habits were/are bad - I usually would have about 2 bottles of those 1 liter Coca-Cola's.  Every Morning biking to work I would buy 2 of those at the local convenience store since it is 2 for 3 dollars which with tax comes to 3.09.  And literally I would finish both by the time I leave work.  And that does not count the Coca-Cola I have at home or the beer or drink I was drinking after work.  That was my routine and vice.  So for me to say today that I am basically almost at 17 days with out a drink of Coca-Cola is fucking awesome.  On the other hand I hve had four beers - 3 Coronas and 1 MGD since the start of the program and the drinking has been on the weekend.  Which is not surprising.  So, somehow I need to curb that habit that it is the weekend which in turns mean beer.  I would not say that the beers were a reward since I did not consider them rewards.  I wanted to have one and I did, but in moderation.  I had two bags of popcorn (microwave) since the start of the program ( and there should not be me having any more bags of Popcorn).  And I think that is all.  Otherwise, I am maintaining the scheduled as much as possible and not having a problem with it.

I did not run as I blogged about on an earlier, but I think I want to try that on the weekend - early morning run.  Not an everyday thing since I do not think I can make the time for a run.  Perhaps in the morning, but with Fall here and the time change coming soon it would be just kind of hard to do that.  Not an excuse, but an excuse never-the-less .  I know Readers,  I just need to do it.

I like taking the pictures of me every day, and I like not recording the weight everyday.  However, I do get on the scale in the morning to see what my body burned off.  I had a workout journal the first two times, but this time around I do not.  However, I do have a workout journal ready to be used at my humble abode.

And as I stated before - the ankle weights are awesome.  Even now I am thinking about buying another pair for wearing at work.

Lastly.  It is P90X, and I should perhaps be on the third week, but I am not due to days off on the weekend - those three days weekends I am making for myself.  I am ok with that.  I am working hard for many days straight and then somehow for the first two weeks I have been making Friday, Saturday and Sunday a day off.  One weekend was legit, the other weekend was no reason to.  It happened, but I am right back on come Monday.  If perhaps I was more structured more strict then there would not be this issue.  Which is not an issue for me.  But it happened and I am ok with that.  The important thing is I am seeing results and I am not quiting since I am seeing what I wanted to see right away.  Just keep that in my Readers,  If a day or two needs to be taken off do it, but don't go crazy and start eating to your old habits and whatnot.  Eat as you are doing on the P90X.

I hope this helps or gain insight on how to cope or perhaps to cope next time on the Phase 1 of P90X.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The P90X Athlete getting ready for Day 10 tonight.

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