Tuesday, October 14, 2014

P90X - 2014 - Day 9

Greetings Readers

I just done with Plyometrics.  And guess what?  I upped the attitude.  hah hah.  Well, I mentioned I was browsing some P90X blogs the other day and I happened to remember that a guy used ankle weights when doing the P90X on some of the routine.  Well, after work to day I went to Target and located some ankle weights.  8 pounds or 4 pounds weight for each ankle.  Dang.  I am not going to say that it was heavy, but when I strapped those ankles weights on I though to myself two weeks ago I was at 151.  And this morning I was at 141/142.  I had that much body fat (I am assuming on me?!)  Fuck me.  I can not believe that I was carrying that much weight that weigh that much on my ankles.  I guess one does not know when you actually strap the weight onto yourself.  I know I know yesterday I was doing 25 pound barbells easily, so to speak.  But doing Plyometric for the hour with 4 pound ankle weights on each ankle - DAMN!  Let me tell you I wanted to take the ankle weights off at the first water break.  I was testing myself.  And I sure did get a workout.  I was able to do the routines better and keep up better; however I still struggled on the Rock Star and One legged Hop (sorry I can not remember that routine's name at the moment)  I thought about taking off the ankle weights during those, but I think I pretty made up my mind to keep those weights on no matter what.  I had some issues with some switches do to the switch hop.

I knew I was able to do Plyometrics, but somehow I wanted to challenge myself and the thought of trying ankle weights just seemed right.  I almost bought the 2 pound weights, but thought what the fuck - I am going to bring it.  And I couldn't then I knew that I could do it next week.

I had whey powder this morning.  Then a co-worker brought Hatch Green Chili to work - so I had some of that, with Spanish rice and a small tortilla and a half.  I was okay with that.  Although I did not want to eat the tortilla due to the carbs.  However, since she brought some for me I did not want to decline.  For dinner I had 1 chicken thigh.  And a bite of the chicken skin.  I salted the skin a bit and took a normal size bite.  Oh it was heaven.  After that bite I looked at the skin more, then immediately threw it in the trash and then washed off the plate of any remaining skin crumbs.  I did not want to be tempted to take another bite.  That bite was delicious.  Fabulous.  After the workout I once more had the recovery drink with Creatine added.  And that is done after P90X routine.

Well, that's the summary of the day's meals and P90X routine.  I am kind of sore from yesterday and I think that was from doing more of the push-ups.  I know it has to be since I did alot more than I did my first time around.  I am worried about tomorrow though.  With the ankle weights I know I may have pushed it, but I am going to accept the soreness and pain that might be there tomorrow. 

I brought it tonight and I am happy that I did.  I sweated the same if not more than the last time.  The ankle weights took just a bit to get used to, but once I got into it then I really got used to them.

Again, if you guys/gals lose that much weight in certain amount of time go to a store and buy some ankle weights to the amount that you lost.  You will not believe how heavy that weight is on your ankles.  Even more so is when you think that you had that weight on you before getting those ankle weights.  Doing a routine with those ankle weights on you - you will think how in the fuck does 8 pounds (or whatever pounds you lost in a certain time frame) weight that much.  Sorry Readers, it is truly amazing for me to workout with that weight that I lost in the past two weeks - granted I lost about 10 pounds, but having 8 pounds on me, my ankles, I think how did I do this routine the first time around?  Truly amazing, but it was worth it.

P.S. as a reward at Target - I bought X-Men - Days of Future Past.

until the next time

Daryl Charley
The P90X athlete put Day 9 in the books =)

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