Monday, October 20, 2014

The 1 Up - bar - Denver, CO

Yes, that is me
Greetings Readers

I found a couple of pictures from the 1 Up bar that I frequently go to now with the ex out of the picture.  One was taken by the ex and the other I took last month.  Both feature the pinball Machine Tron, which is actually my favorite pinball game there at the moment.  I am finally getting very good at the machine and now know the layout and scoring of the pinball game.

I do like the AC DC pinball game as well as the Getaway 2 pinball machine (especially with the ZZ Top La Grange).  The Wizard of OZ is visually awesome, but the play is kind of tricky due to the side exit lanes.  The Star Trek pinball is nice as well.  I do like the variety of modes when trying to complete the missions.

In addition to the pinball games there are a lot of video games.  A lot of games that I am sure that you will remember from your past.  There is also skee ball and Jenga outside on the patio.

I am trying to remember last year about this time.  I went to the Kong Off that was held at the 1 Up bar.  What I can not remember if the ex was with me.  I do not the ex was, but I am drawing a blank.  I know I was there for Day 1 or perhaps it was Day 2.  I know the ex went with me on other times, but I just can not remember that specific weekend.

This is kind of the reason why I am blogging about this-  Usually in November for the past three years the 1 Up bar has been the spot for the Donkey Kong World Championships.  The best in the world come to play.  There is an open play tournament for non-professionals, but the best of the best are in Denver for usually three days in November.  I just checked the Facebook site and I do not see any events for this year yet.  So, I guess I will have to check Facebook every week for the next week or so to see if there is another Kong Off, which would be Kong Off 4.

This bar is heaven for me.  A dive bar so to speak, but the ambiance is awesome.  The ex- was hesitant in the beginning and sure burned through my quarters when we first started going to the 1 Up, but towards the end of our relationship the ex actually got good.  Yes, I am damn proud I taught the ex to play pinball.  I even taught the ex how to tilt, so to speak.  The ex was banging and rocking a few of those pinball machines in the past year like we use to in bed.  LOL.  We played pinball most of the time, but did manage to play some of the video games here and there.

A couple of years ago the 1 Up had the Sopranos pinball machine and I loved playing that machine.  Especially the mode where every ball hit makes a character say "Fuck"  It was awesome.

Well, the 1 Up is still and will continue to be in my life.  Just a place I love going to.  In fact, when my brother was visiting in August I took him to the 1 Up club.  He enjoyed it.  We both enjoyed it.  We were only able to go once, but we had fun.  I think we went on a Saturday night, but maybe not.

And that is that.  I do have more pictures

, and may post some later, but I think the two are enough for now.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Pinball player

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