Thursday, October 30, 2014

H & G Asian Cafe

Greetings Readers

As I mentioned yesterday I am maybe getting sick.  Too early to tell at the moment.  And bottom line the throat is a little better today, but now I have lost my voice.  Well, if I try to speak it comes out croaky and choppy.  So, now I am whispering when needed in order to talk.

I got off work at a decent time last night and then headed straight home.  I was going to go to the grocery store, but I decided not to.  What was I really going to buy and how much do I feel like cooking after I get back?  I really did not want to.  Left overs?  A salad?  nope nope nope.  So, I decided to order delivery from my favorite little dive restaurant up the road, so to speak

H&G Asian Cafe - Here is the website

I have not been since the last time I was with the ex and that could have been in June most likely.  I know I have not been since the last day I left the ex's place which was on July 19.  And since then I have not been motivated to go by and starting the P90X program that is kind of a no-no as well.  Lots of noodles in the dish I love.  I love you - Pad Thai Noodles and Summer Spring Rolls.  Oh yes, I love Summer Spring Rolls and that was a thing I kept from the ex.  Next thing you know I would be buying two orders and I would be down another 10 dollars basically if I had introduced that into our former relationship.  Not once did I even order when the two of us went to this restaurant/cafe.  Needlees to say, it was over two years since my last Summer Spring Rolls.  Oh baby!  Oh baby!  It was good.  I loved every bite as well as the sauce that comes on the side.  Granted, I never had a Summer Spring Roll from H&G Asian Cafe before, But when the former place - Lemon Grass Grill was there - yes I did have at that time.  I was not disappointed at all with the taste of the Summer Spring Roll at H&G Asian Cafe.  Nope nope nope.  The Pad Thai was delicious.  Yummy.  Better than plain sex.  LOL.  So, I ordered in last night and again that was to get food into me and try to get to bed as soon as possible so I can rest and get better.

I have some left over so I will eat the remaining amount tonight as well as the left over steak and wild rice from earlier this week.  Overall, I feel okay, just can not talk.  Sucks.

This cafe is nothing spectacular in appearance, but the food is better than great.  Good.

Though something just triggered a memory.  The ex's youngest child ate with us a couple of times and the first time I bought.  However, when I saw that he ate of the meal that I bought I was pissed.  This child just ate the rice and meat with Teriyaki sauce.  And did not eat any of the vegetables.  Also, he did not even finish the dish.   I paid almost $ 10.00 for his meal.  Anyway, from that point on if that specific child was coming to eat with us I was not going to pay for his Dinner.  Although, I did pay one more time, but we had ordered the family dinner plan so in the grand scheme of things I was okay.  This child as well as the second oldest child were fucking picky eaters.  And I mean picky.  And lazy.  One of the times was that there was, I think, a 5 party frozen pizza party pack in the freezer.  The second oldest one decides not to eat what I cooked for dinner and make himself a pizza for himself.  He takes the last pizza and leaves the empty box in the freezer until I stumble on it when I was putting my steak into the freezer.  How did I know?  I put the steak on top of that Pizza box and the pizza box caved in and my steak fell out of the freezer and onto the floor right in front of me.  You see Readers this is some of the shit that I put up with in the last year.  Readers, this is just a few things I mention - there are a lot of memories regarding said subject.  They do not eat vegetables.  They don't like additional items with rice when it is cooking.  They cook everything on high heat on the stove.  Yes, everything.  I can not even count how many times I saw those cooking burners glowing red.  And so on. 

Well, needless to say I got to loathe the children about this same time last year (or a bit earlier)  Inconsiderate children.  I am not their father so I had no right nor was I going to tell them what was wrong.  I have no authority.  Here is a confession from me.  The ex has four children.  Four.  I was so embarrassed by this that when my friends and co-workers asked about the ex I said that the ex had two children (not four)  Technically, there is two around, so to speak.  The oldest is up in Northern Colorado and the third oldest is living in another state from my last bit of information.  A nuclear family plus two children minus a father.  I did not want anyone to know that I was dating a woman with four children.  Even now I can not tell them that I lied about how many children the ex had.  It is embarrassing.  And looking back the ex really wanted me to meet all four of them.  I did not want to - and I only met the two I am talking about and the other two I did not.  Yes, I know their names and from bits and pieces who they are, but I do not know them.  The second oldest should have been out on his own, but still living with mother and the youngest child.  I tried to get the ex to get the second oldest out, but it was one thing after another with that child.  Drama story galore.  Getting into a car accident, rehab, living on the couch, Getting his apartment rent deposit stolen, getting in a work accident, getting robbed, his account getting "robbed", kittens, not working anymore, buying action figures as opposed to saving his money, etc.  Readers, this all happened in about a span of six months!

Getting back to the post - H&G Asian Cafe if you live nearby.  Give it a try.  I am sure that you will like.  It was comfort food last night and I enjoyed every bite I had.  Excuse me, I loved every bite I had last night.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Athlete who still might/may be sick =(

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