Thursday, October 09, 2014

P90X - 2014 - Day 8

Greetings Readers

I saw this about two months and I heard about it about 6 months I am assuming.  I guess I am really interested in seeing this movie.  And really for all the wrong reason.  I think that you faithful Readers, and not the people who are in faith, know that I do like movies and I especially like movies that maybe Oscar contenders around this time of the year.

Foxcatcher.  This is my pick and I think Steve Carrell may just pull out an Oscar.  I know I know - very arrogant to say since I had not seen the movie, the movie is not out and I am just basing this on the trailers I have seen to date.  I will admit I like the way he looks and the way he talks.  Not necessarily the accent, but his facial looks when he is talking.  And what about Chantum Tatum.  I know I probably spelled his name wrong.  But his acting looks great and he looks perfect for the role he is playing.  I just found out the plot of the movie about three weeks ago, but only in general.  It's about wresting, Olympics and two brothers and a tycoon.  I think.  lol

I love the music in the trailer, the beat, the look, the mood and I am excited.

Steve being in a drama as opposed to a comedy.  I do not care for Steve, except when I saw him in the 40 year old virgin.  He just does not do it for me.  Dunno why.  However, with this new movie I think he will be known for more than just a comedian.

Ok Kenpo X was last night.  I sweated, but not as much as the previous days.  And I think that was due to me learning the Kenpo X moves once more.  It has been two years and honestly I never did the Kenpo outside my living room.  I did like the stretching and I can actually see me stretching further and better.  Anyway, the work out was about another hour and I did it without any problems.  As soon as I got home I stuck in the DVD and got going.  I did not want to wait any longer since that is an hour I have to set aside.  Anyway, Kenpo I will have to get back into rthym after a couple or few more times.  I struggled a bit more than I should have, but I still got my workout and I brought it. 

I had a beer last night as well - another Corona.  So, that has brought the beer count to 4 bottles.  On another note I am happy to say that I am 11 days Coca-Cola free.  To me that is amazing considering that I am not struggling or yearning to have a Coca-Cola.  I do have a 1 Liter of Coca-Cola in my cabinet at work (and you Readers may have noticed that red cap in the water picture I posted the other day).  It is there since I bought that September 26 and I did not have the heart to throw away or give away.  Again, there may be a slip, and just in case I need to have a taste, a drink, a couple swallows, or have to down that fucking Coca-Cola down!  LOL.  But again Readers, none of those reasons are coming up and I only see that red cap every time I open my cabinet at work.

Getting back to Kenpo X - the routines that I had trouble with coordination - Twist & Pivot with hook and uppercut, step drag/high-low punch, step drag/claw/low punch, front shuffle with high block/low punch and hook/uppercut/low side kick.  Readers, if you are a P90X participant and perhaps about to do or doing I am posting the routines that I am having issues with so you may compare and see if you are having the same issues as me.  Or I as you depending on the point of view.  And I am sure after a couple more times I will be able to do with no problem what so ever.  I do not have a heart rate monitor so I did not monitor myself. 

And that is about all I have to add at the moment.  Today is either a Rest day or X stretch.  I do not know at the moment what I am going to do, but I probably should do the X stretch since I did take a few days off.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The P90X athlete on Day 8

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