Wednesday, October 15, 2014

P90X - 2014 - Day 10

Greetings Readers

Alright I was able to finish the second time around of Shoulders and Arms routine.  I was kind of procrasinating... Readers I am going to finish up tomorrow.  I am beat.  I want to sleep.

Okay, I am back 10/16/14 lunch time while eating my "big salad" (with brocolli, little cheese, ham, turkey, green pepper, red onion, 3 types of lettuce, cucumber and mushrooms) wth only vinegar.

I do not know why I was beat tired by 10PM last night.  Perhaps the soreness from the ankle weights starting to happen last night and the routine of Shoulders and Arms. Who knows.  But I listened to my body, and shut down everything and went to bed.

Oh, before I start blogging about my routine I did stop by Sporting Authority last night after work to see how much a 30 pound barbell costs.  I did not realize that there are two kids of barbells these days.  I guess if the barbells are coated with a rubber material then they are about 10 to 15 dollars higher than the non rubber barbells.  I grabbed a hex barbell 30# and went the checkout.  Little did I not realize that the hex I grabbed was rubber coated.  Fuck I could not tell that.  It was black, but did not think that was rubber.  Anyway, needless to say that I left the barbell at the counter and went to grab a non-rubber barbell.  No big deal, but i just can not believe that.  Anyway, there were no non-rubber hex barbell so I had to settle for another barbell non matching to the hex barbells I have at home.  Yes, it bothers me that all my barbells do not match, but I did need the 30 pound barbell since I am getting stronger and do need to further weight to gain some "guns". 

Well, that was that.  Then, the next issue was getting the barbell home.  The humble abode was about three miles away.  30 pounds.  Me 142 pounds at the moment.  And then my road bike.  How in the fuck am I going to do this.  Bottom line.  I did carry an extra bag yesterday since I knew that I needed the bag for my ride home due to the 80 degrees we were forecast for.  Oh Readers, it is cold in the mornings - anywhere from 34 to 43 degrees now these days so I am kind of dressing for cold weather which means more clothes in the morning and then less clothes in the evening due to the sun, if out, warming up the day.  Back to the issue.  Ride with one hand on the handlebar and the other carrying the weight. One hand on the hand bar and then one hand holding the barbell with the weight distributed on my aerobars/handle bar.  Or to see if I can actually out in my back pack.  I thought about it for a few minutes and then started to empty out the back pack.  I decided to put in my back pack and hope that the straps hold with the weight or two I hit a dip or bump or something that forces me and the weight toward the ground in which one of two (or more) things could happen - have a blow out (and regardless I was worried about a blow out even biking on a flat surface) or two the weight of me and the barbell could break and/or snap the frame (or weld).  Just my thoughts at the time  30 pounds is heavy Readers on your back and just think I was biking with 10 plus pounds when I left the ex in july.  Damn.  I went slow and easy and took and watched were I was biking.  I did not wear my Oakleys since I wanted to exactly see where I was biking and what was in my path.  What I did not count on was the weight of me and the barbell going downhill.  let me tell you Readers I was gaining speed easily going downhill. With that said I was having to brake more often or even continuously apply the brakes, which I do not like riding my brakes.  In the end I got home without incident and thought awesome.  Oh the weight was normally 34.99 but there is a sale - 5.00 dollars off so I bought for like 30/31 dollars and change.  Which I am thinking I probably should by another 30 pound weight since some of the routines will require both arms to be used and I only now have one 30 pound weight.  That may happen on Saturday the way I am seeing this now.

So the routine was good, though I did not start until about 7:10 or so last night.  I actually got home by 6:30 or 6:45, but I was kind of not motivated to do.  I know I needed to do, but I did put off for a bit.  So, iI cleaned up a bit and watched/listened to Quick Change on TV.

I started and then saw the time 57 minutes.  Urgh.  However, by the time I got 15 minutes into the routine I was okay with it.  Four routines with four routines in them - 3 water breaks.  The first time I did this I knew I did a lower weight - LOL - 10 pounds.  So, last night I knew that I had to up the weight so I did 15 pounds, but on a few of the routines I had to use the 10 weight and yes it was still challenging for me to do - In and Out Straight Arm Shoulder Fly, Crouching Cohen Curl (as yes I used the wall as support to do this routine cleanly), Flip-Grip Twist Tricep Kickback and the Static Arm Curl.  Those were the moves I had to do with the 10 weight.  I am ok since I did do and still struggled a bit, but at least I was doing them with some difficulty - which is what was needed.

Other than that all other routines the increase to 15 pounds for me was perfect.  So, perhaps next time I do this routine I may go up to 20 pounds.  However, that is jumping the gun at this moment.  I need to gauge my strength and training weight in the next week.

The Ab Ripper X went good- Even better this time around.  I did not use the ankle weights due to the difficulty of the routine at the moment for me.  Perhaps later, but then again perhaps not due to the "hardness" of the routine of the Ab Ripper X.

Yesterday, was cottage cheese for breakfast, whey protein for mid morning snack, left over chicken (no skin) with wild rice again.  Recovery drink with Creatine and then Whey protein for dinner since it was kind of late for me to eat.  Meaning, I was tired and knew I was going to sleep right away and did not want to go to bed after eating.

I woke up sore in biceps and knew I did work them out.  They do look bigger now, but I know that is probably just hope.  Who knows.  The weight was still at 141/142 this morning so I did not lose any pounds which is good or perhaps I did and perhaps the muscles are gain weight which offsets the weight perhaps lost.  I also did not sleep well last night and maybe I am wondering if it was due to my routine and perhaps soreness starting last night in my sleep.

Tonight...well 10/16/14 is Yoga X and I do not think I am going to use the ankle weights either for this routine.  I will review the moves and see if it might be beneficial or hindrance since some of the moves require balancing for an extended amount of time.  And the first time around I (you as well if not use to Yoga) will have balancing issues as well. 

Oh, this morning I was curious about the caffeine I had in that fountain drink on Monday so I went to 7-11 and bought two for 2.22 this morning.  I did not find Fuze so I bought Pure Leaf, Real Brewed Tea - Unsweetened.  Zero calories - ingredients are brewed tea, citric acid  Then, kind of below that is caffeine content 30mg/ 8 fl oz.  I did drink those two this morning and I felt that shaky feeling once more.  I do think it was the caffeine that made me shaky since I got the same feeling today.  From here on out I will just stay away from tea.  And I am okay with that.
Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The P90X athlete done with Day 10

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