Wednesday, October 08, 2014

P90X - 2014 - Day 7

Greetings Readers

Last night's routine was great.  Perhaps it was the three day break, or perhaps I just needed a day or so to re-coup.  Anyway, I did the routine with such energy and I did not even think about looking at the time in the lower right hand corner to see how much time was left.  I thoroughly enjoyed the routine and was pumped.  Then the Ab ripper X.  I did better and I even was able to do some of the moves I detest or struggled.  Though even though I was able to do I only did a few then had to modify to at least be doing part of it as opposed to not doing it at all.  I guess the core is coming into play now.  That did not take long to accomplish.  Of course, this does not mean that I am looking forward to the next Ab Ripper X, but I know I am improving now.  The third time with this improvement is the sign that I am doing the program and I am "Bringing it"

Here is an update,  I was able to add some pictures to the past posts with the past week and a half.  Apparently the blog site has changed a bit so uploading the pictures and posting to the blog posts are a bit of new thing to me.  Bear with me.  For example that arrowhead water.  I loaded the image perfectly, but when the image loaded it turned the picture 90 degrees.  Do not ask me what or what happened since I do not have a clue.

Getting back to the routine last night.  Legs & back.  I will tell you my hamstrings are sore.  And the move that probably made them sore is the wall squats.  I was not looking forward to this one since I remember the one from the previous times.  tough baby.  well, only when you are starting out the P90X program.  The burn was incredible.  And this was not the only burn I had.  The Calves.  The calf raises also kicked my ass and burned.  And as I write this blog post they are sore and tight.  Even after doing Kenpo X just two hours ago. 

I was sweating like crazy last night.  And that was good.  That means I was working and in the zone.  I was okay after the routine as well as this morning, but later in the afternoon the muscles got tight and I started to feel sore in the areas that I worked out.  lol

Nothing new and I of course was expecting this.  If I did not then I am not doing the P90X to the max.  Meaning, I am not Bringing it.

I went to GNC last night to look at some other Whey mixes.  I am having a hard time drinking the one I bought last week.  The vanilla flavor has a aroma that just bothers me.  And when I am drinking the mixture I am having a problem drinking it.  But I am drinking it.  Anyway, I bought another one last night and this was a step better than what I bought and this flavor was cookies and cream.   I was really worried since I can not remember the last time I ate ice cream cookies and cream.  I decided to take a chance and buy a small packet.  I brought it to work today and had my first drink.  Before that when I opened the package I was overwhelmed by the smell.  Different.  I left to get some water and then when I came back I decided to do two scoops.  I mixed and then raised the drink to my mouth.  I got ready and then took a drink.  Again different.  I took another drink waited a bit and then another drink.  I have to say it was not bad.  Not bad at all.  I think I have found a flavor that I can do better than just vanilla.  A bit more expensive, but I know I can drink this.  Now, what I have left of the vanilla I need to drink that up so I do not waste money.

Alright Readers, time is late and I need to get going.  I did kenpo X and I am kind of beat.  There is not much to update on that, but will do one tomorrow, pending how many more pictures that I need to upload to get my blogs updated.

I am not sure about tomorrow.  A rest day or X Stretch.  With the break I took this weekend I think I need to do X stretch.  Though at the moment I am not sure.

Weather wise it is suppose to be mid 50's tomorrow and rainy so if it rainy when I leave work then that might decide whether or not I will do the routine.  Being rained on when riding home sucks, but it is cold and wet and when I get home after a ride like that I like to take a shower and then curl up on the couch in my blanket/comforter. 

Again Readers we will see.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The P90X athlete on Day 7

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