Sunday, October 12, 2014

24 Hours of Boulder - 2014 - I did not participate

Greetings Readers

I was so close to participating in this event yesterday.  So close.  I got my registration fee. I printed off Bus and Light Rail Schedules on Friday.  Got my bag almost ready.  I so wanted to do this.  A beautiful Saturday was predicted and I was motivated.  I think this is mainly of this new me - post break up - if you will.  And perhaps just doing the P90X as well.  Then that was also the reason as well not to do this event.  The past two times I did this I put myself out of comission for about two to three months.  Not to mention the week after fucking running this event.  My body and feet takes a beating.  And I do not want to derail the P90X since I started two weeks ago.

I checked the website on Friday and saw nothing has changed, but there was a night fun run.  That would have been interesting.  Anyway, I have been thinking about it since Thursday and just wanted really to do this.  Then, thought of me doing this without any real running in the past two years kind of changed my mind.  As well as not having any running shoes that are not worn out.  So, that was another issue that I had to really think about on why not to do this.  I thought about the lap and thought hmmmm if I did no running I could walk.  Then, how many laps could I do if I walked.  All these things to think about and really think about.

I thought about my last time running/walking in the 24 Hours of Boulder and I remember seeing the sun rise, peak over the horizon.  It's first light and me actually making through the night.  Not necessarily running, or jogging, but a brisk walk.  I wanted to see that moment again. 

However, when I got up this morning I saw that there were clouds and the Sun actually did not peak until 7:50 or so.  So, I guess I would have not see that moment this year. 

Anyway, I hope the participants did well and the 100 milers were able to complete their 100 mile run.

I am going to look forward to this next year.  I want to do it again.  I say this now, but obviously we will have to see.    I am looking at my dining room wall and I see the mileage I did on Oct 16-17, 2010.   57.12 miles - 8 Laps.  How in the fuck can I beat that.  That number looks huge to me as well as the two marathon I technically did in 24 hours.

Pretty fucking amazing.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The P90X athlete starter.

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