Tuesday, October 14, 2014

P90X - 2014 - Day 8 - on correct day

Greetings Readers

Sorry, with me blogging usually the day after I have kind of messed up the routine to day count.  Day 8 is actually last night and I have started the program over again... well Phase 1 - week 1, but now is week two.  I am looking at my results from the first day and yes there is improvement as well knowing that I was able to do more pushup and even raise the weight by 5 pounds as well as increase the weight machine as the substitute to the pull up bar. Although, I think the next time I will attempt the pull up bar in the doorway.  If the improvement is/was little I am sure I am going to be even better in 8 days once I do this for a third time.  I may have to buy a 30 weight barbell as well. since the 25 is the highest I have at home at the moment.  The Dive Bomber push up still sucked, but at least I was able to do a few cleanly and not fail.  As I struggled I went to the knees and still tried doing and I think I did a pretty damn good job.

I did take a couple/few days off once more.  Its the weekend thing mentality.  I need to break that so I am going to power through a not take a break.

What I have noticed is that I am not really documentating my food intake.  For example, today I had strawberries for Breakfast,  Whey protein shake for mid morning snack.  Then, lunch.  I had beef quesadilla (with some cheese, tomatoes, beef - and little bit of salsa.  I only had 3 so there is one left.  Then, with the meal I got a fountain drink. And I still did not have coke, but I did choose....Fuze Unsweeten Ice tea.  I checked the web and its says 15 calories.  I can not find a straight answer, but I think there was caffeine so if so that is my first intake of caffeine in 2 weeks.  I am still Coca-Cola Free.  I just wish I did not have caffeine.  I think I got jittery, but then again it could have been to low sugar.  But I really do not know.  I have a feeling it was the caffeine that caused me to feel weird earlier today.

So, that was about it for food.  Again. I am not writing the foods down, but perhaps I should.  I know I am following the schedule as well as the food that I can eat currently.  I will evaluate this week and see.  I am taking pictures every day still so that is good for me.  I do get on the scale every day as well to see the weight.  Today I was at 143/144 so it looks like I kind of slowed down, but then again I did take another short break.  We will see.  I know I am losing weight in the mid section.  I can wear some old pants that I have not worn for about 6 months now =)  Woo hoo.

Well, while at lunch I surfed the web and was looking at some P90X blogs.  What I noticed that most were incompete.  As my previous times doing the P90X blog.  Interesting.  I think it is interesting in the beginning, but then I think it was for me no time to blog.  I am going to attempt to blog each day.  Really I want to.  Even if I am beat.  I need to do this for me, but as well as other to see progress and someone who did document and complete the P90X program.

Alright Readers, Time is late so I need to get to bed so I can get some rest and feel the soreness from the harder workout this time around

until the next time

Daryl Charley
The P90X athlete on Week 2 of Phase 1.

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