Friday, October 03, 2014

P90X - 2014 - Day 5

Greetings Readers

I had the Yoga X last night and the length I remembered - An hour and a half basically.  And I knew this from before that is was a long routine.  I kind of remember most of the Yoga routines but dang I forgot the hard ones and how much you fucking sweat when you are putting the effort and doing these routines.  As before the previous two times I did this program I was sweating and once more when starting this program I was wobbling and struggling with some of the moves.  I had to relearn some of the positions over again. LOL. 

In the beginning I was doing the routine, but as the routine got further into the program I found another level inside me.  Perhaps to the stretching or Tony I think saying reach reach.  I found a bit more will to reach and believe it or not I actually did grab my toes/foots on the routines towards the end of Yoga X.  I did buy a Yoga Block last night and I am thoroughly glad I did.  I did remember how that I was balancing unevenly when I started this back in the past.  This time I was able to use the block many of the times and it was good for that extra help so to speak and I was able to hold form much longer and focus on breathing as opposed trying to balance and reach the ground. 

There were several positions that I depised and of course I remember the one I hate the most - the Crane.  I just hate this move and like the previous time I could not do the first time around.  I succeeded a couple times for a second perhaps then had both feet back on the floor.  Anyway, just letting you know that this is the one I hate and will continue to hate from here on out.  And the Wheel, I think.  This first time as suspected I could not do the wheel.  Though I noticed that my wrist felt weird when doing this whereas I do not think that happened before.  I will watch that just to make sure that I do not have any issues with my wrists.

The Yoga Mat worked, but not really.  It was sticking to my feet towards the end of the program.  Also, the mat kinda of wrinkled up in a manner of speaking.  So, I ditched the mat on some of the moves and when to the rug I have in front of my Tv.  No big deal.  I am going to use the mat, but perhaps I need to find a better quality.  I of course bought this mat at Ross so perhaps I need to go to Dick's, Sports Authority, or some other store that may have Yoga material.  but this is not a hindrance and I can deal with for the moment.  perhaps Week 4 I might have to think about looking at Yoga mats better than the one that I picked up at Ross.

I did finish the routine and then took the recovery drink and then started dinner.  This time around I decided to have the chicken breast (but bought chicken thighs instead because it was cheaper and got more for my money and used from my chicken Scramble breakfast as well.  I actually made for the first time the Honey-Chile Sauce.  I had to substitute the chili power for jalapenos since I thought I had a lot of chili powder.  However, I forgot I gave some to my brother when he was visiting me in August and then I took the rest down in September so I had none.  Oh, and I used Honey clover.  I do not know what the clover means, but since I do not eat Honey how would I know the difference in the first place.  So, I bought the cheaper one and used that.  I did the recipe and used my 3 to 4 T of the condiment for the Chicken I had and I will say that it was fucking good.  Is it the recipe?  Or the slight modification?  I do not know since I never made this any of the previous two times I was on the P90X.  Since the recipe called for salt I was able to put some salt in.  Whew.  I have been salt less, meaning I am not using any salt shaker to salt my food.  If there is salt in the stuff I buy then that is my sodium in take.  Readers, I know I do need salt for my body, but will monitor and use when needed, since that is a needed ingredient for our bodies.

Readers, there are alot of first that I am doing this time around.  I ate cottage cheese, I made this sauce, I bought a Yoga Block.  I am eating string cheese as a snack. Mixing creatine with my recovery drink.  And more.

I remembered this morning that while I did the P90X the last time I was running at lunch.  This time I have not started nor given it a thought.  Anyway, maybe that is where I was going wrong.  Maybe wrong is the wrong word to use, but when I was running around where I work there are alot of fast food joints.  I was smelling Mexican, KFC, McDonald's, Chipotle, Taco Bell, etc.  Anyway, maybe that was leading to craving the last time I did this?  This time I really do not have any cravings or wanting to get a chicken four piece.  LOL.  I did mention that I saw Lay's Chips in the store and then I looked at the Coca-Cola in the store while I was shopping for my meals, but my mouth did not water nor did I have any impulse or second thought on picking up those junk food items.  Just not a second thought.  I think that is marvelous. 

The other thing that I find interesting is that I have not had any caffeine as well.  Even though I have not any Soda Pop I have not have any Tea or anything else with caffeine.  Literally, I am drinking Arrowhead water at work and Deep Rock at home.  And both places with Lemon in the water.  A lot of lemons.  I bought two bags of lemons at Sprouts, which I think that helped with me getting the lemon into my water.  Oops, I have plain water when I am doing the routine only. Other than that no other drinks of anything else.  Only drinking the recovery drink. whey protein, creatine, and water.  As I have stated yesterday and still can state as of today - no Coca-Cola and no Alcohol. 

I do not know if I had any headaches from no caffeine since I do not remember when I had a headache and what it felt like.  I know I was probably going through withdrawal earlier this week and I knew that feeling since I have encountered that before. 

The other thing I noticed in the past two days is that I do not have the energy to bike in the morning to work.  I am not going to say it is a struggle, but that same gear I am used to seems much harder.  And I am only assuming that is due to me starting the program and getting my ass kicked for the past five days.  I am sore, but not as sore I was two days ago. I know it is too early to tell, but I know, just know, that I am already losing some of that spare tire.  I just know it.

I think today was the coldest day since spring that I can remember.  Biking to work it was 34 degrees with some wind blowing so it was colder than that.  I am not used to that cold.  I do not want to say I had a problem with the cold, but I think I did for about 3 miles. Some of those first two miles where in shade and riding near a creek.  I guess I need to remember my bike rides the previous years.  Earlier this year the ex moved about 2 miles from me so we were spending time together at one place or another and the bottom line it became routine for the ex to take me to work in her car.  Yes, I got use to that.  However, for the record it started perhaps in Feb or Mar, not any earlier so I was still biking that past two years to and from work.  There was the occasional times that the ex came down on a Friday to pick me up during the winter to visit me.

I know Readers I still have not uploaded the pictures I have been taking.  Sorry.  I actually turned on the computer last night and then turned off about 5 minutes later since I was tired and it was getting kind of late.  Wow.  Late.  Late use to mean late, now it means 10 or 11 PM.  Pretty amazing, but as I said before I knew that this would happen as well.  P90X kicks your ass.

Alright well tonight is Legs & Back and I am not looking forward to this.  I think I remember using the wall for some of the routines.  LOL.  I know that I am going to get another workout.  Thank goodness tomorrow is Saturday.  However, I am actually thinking about a mid morning run.  And yes there are no fast food joints nearby so I will not be intoxicated by the aroma.

until the next time

Daryl Charley
The P90X Day 5 Athlete

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