Thursday, October 02, 2014

P90X - 2014 - Day 4

Greetings Readers

Yesterday was a very soreness day for me.  I was tired and took some effort to move in the morning, which I mentioned and then when I got to work I was okay once I got started, but after some inactivity I tighten up.  I was not looking for to doing the routine for last night.

I got home last night, did some clean up and then got started immediately on the program - Another 58 minutes or close to that.  I can not remember, but I knew it was going to be that long.  Fortunately, for me I was in the mood after biking home last night.  So, I was loose and kind of motivated to get going.

I got in the humble abode and noticed it was cold.  Question was do I turn on the heat.  A decision, but then thought about it.  Once I get started I am going to sweat and thereafter I will be fine once I eat and take a shower then get to bed. 

I did the routine and knew the use of barbells were going to be used.  But I could not remember the routines specifically.  Bottom line, I played it safe and stayed with 10 and 15 weights.  I know I know, but I wanted to make sure that I was able to complete the routines as opposed to struggling to do the routines and not doing the routines correctly.  meaning struggling to do reps and keeping form.  I did the right thing and I am glad.  Sure I am sore in the biceps, but this is the first time that I did this routine in 2 years.  I can not say I am hoping to raise the weight next time, but I will try and I better I am going to have more strength.  LOL.
I know I mentioned in the blog yesterday the routine, but just in case - I did the Shoulder and Arms routine last night along with the Ab Ripper X.  Overall, I did ok.  I did feel like a wimp with 10 and 15 weights, but safety and form is important as opposed to maxing out on weight and perhaps not completing the entire routine with fatigue.

The routine went well and I remembered most of them again.  What I did not remember was the Crouching Cohen Curl.  Urgh.  I guess there was a reason why I did not remember that routine.  Fucking Sucks and worked my ass off.  Yes, I struggled with the position of my elbows below the knee in the crouching position and then trying to do the routine.  It was tough Readers.  Though I hope the next time around I will not struggle as much and do more reps.  I did not use a wall, but maybe I will next time to see if that will help stable me and perhaps I can perform more reps. 

And boy when the routing was done I thought I was done.  I headed to the kitchen and then the next program started.  Ab Ripper X.  I forgot.  Really?  I can not believe I forgot.  LOL.  Needless to say I hurried back to the living room placed the mat down and got with the program.  16 minutes.  I did do better than I did on Monday.  A couple I still struggled with, but kind of modified myself since I want to do something as oppose to doing nothing and waiting for the next routine.  I modified based on the routine and did halfway or whatnot to make sure at least I am doing, but easier in a sense.

The post meal was left over wild rice,salmon and some stir fry.  I then took a shower. And what I did next was actually get on the computer and play some Minecraft for a bit.  Granted, I was tired and done, but last night I actually had a bit of energy left in the body to play.  Whereas, I would have went to bed. 

I guess this would be the fourth day of no Coca-Cola and five days no Alcohol.  No craving for either.  However, last night I had a craving for a bologna sandwich.  White bread, mustard and alot of bologna.  I do not know where that came from, but maybe someone said something or perhaps I read about bologna, but I got the craving.  Thank goodness I only have mustard and not the rest - so no sandwich.

And for lunch today - was sort of tough.  We have another person leaving the department I work in and today was the going away lunch.  Pizza.  Of all things and why now.  =)  Right!  I asked them to get some regular / house salad and no Cesar salad, which they did.  But smelling and looking at the Pizza that was 3 inches from me was oh so good.  tempting.  easy.  However, I immediately took some salad, tomatoes, red onions only.  I did not eat the croutons in the salad.  I saw that there was Ranch, but fat free Ranch.  So, I used the Ranch very, very sparingly due to recipe of a chef Salad on the P90X guide is 3 T for Fat Free Ranch.  I used half if not less than half of that amount.  Just that little bit made a difference.

I know Readers, I could have made an exception, but I am attempting to do this program to a T.  Meaning, I probably could have had a slice, but in my mind it would have undone the past three/four days of the program.  And as I stated before I bet there will come a time that I will crave and need to have a drink of Coca-Cola, but until that time that I would absolutely not break the eating guide I am not going to say to myself that I earned this as a reward.

This morning I took a picture of me in some jeans that I fitted into about two years ago.  I wanted to take this picture before I started the P90X, but just did not get to until this morning.  Anyway, by the time I am done I am going to take another picture in the same jeans and I want to see for myself the actual results.  I know that I have and will be taking daily pictures, but sometimes I am okay with just a before and after picture.

So, tonight is Yoga X and I know this routine is well over an hour.  I am going to sweat, wobble and probably curse at the TV.  Oh yes Readers, two days in a row I have dropped the "Fuck you", but still continued the program.  I did not have Yoga blocks the first two times I did the P90X, so I am seriously thinking about buying some tonight.  I struggled without them previously until I got use to the Yoga X, but I think I do need initially in the beginning and then perhaps will not need for later down the road since I would probably be more fit and flexible.LOL

By the way, I did see Jennifer on Monday.  We talked or she did all the talking in the couple minutes we, she had.  She said that she remembered the person we were talking about that used to work with her.  As well as a couple of other people.  Then after that we said see yah later.  She seemed happy and initiated conversation with me.  I noticed two rings on both hands so she make be involved with someone.  Does it matter.  Of course, but at the moment I am letting her dictate the getting to know each other again.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The P90X on Day 4 Athlete

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