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P90X - 2014 - Day 12

Greetings Readers

So much information to update in the days that I have not posted about P90X.  Not a vacation, but a few days off nevertheless.

On Friday, we had at work a birthday celebration for the people of that month that have a birthday and we all celebrate on that one day - with treats.  Believe me I was not going, but then the co-workers came back and said that we got the little treats from that one store which are always good.  I couldn't resist; after them talking about it and I do remember how good it was since the last time I had.

I went over to the area and got a marble cake.  I brought it back to my desk and then prepared to eat it.  I was salivating so to speak.... meaning I could feel my mouth watering up.  At the same time I was thinking no you do not want to take a bite.  Just forgot it.  However, I took a picture and you will see the bunt cake was not a very big treat.  Just a little bigger than a staple remover.

Ten seconds later I took my bite.  It did not taste good.  Well, it did not taste like the last time that I had cake from that store.  It tasted funny and the frosting to me was awful.  Could that be because of the no/little sugar in my P90X program.  I do not know.  I did take another bite and soon I was done.  I did not really enjoy the treat as much as my mouth was watering before that first bite.  I was disappointed in that treat for me, but as a whole I am sure it was good to everyone else.  I think being sugarless the past three weeks has something to do with this.

I have been having salad for lunch the past four days or so at work.  I think that is good.  The Salad is pretty plain when I buy at work - lettuce, green peppers, little cheese, hard boiled egg whites only (no yoke), cucumber, celery, vinegar, broccoli and more vinegar.  No oil, no croutons, no bacon bits.  Then, when I bring my salad to work I have the same thing as well as some red onions and green onions and green bell peppers.  Sometimes about an ounce or two of fat free Ranch dressing.  I really have to watch the amount and I really don't want since the amount really does not cover the entire salad amount of my lunch meal.  Red vinegar is just fine for me.

I made pork tenderloin in the crock pot on Saturday so I have that as my main meal.  I was tempted to make some white rice the other day, but said NO.  The white rice is a no-no in a manner of speaking due to the carbs involved.  I know that and I do respect that.  And will adhere to that.  I have that ::mumble mumble:: wild rice. 

Parker came by on Saturday for a visit.  Not much else to say on that Readers.

Now, the big news.  I broke the Coca-Cola no drinking streak.  On Monday evening.  22 days with a Coca-Cola.  Pretty amazing for me.  It was not temptation, but the curiosity on how it will taste.  I went to the refrigeration dept and got a 16oz Coca Cola.  It was more expensive than the two Liter, but then that would lead me to finishing the 2 Liter if I bought.  So that option was a no.  I took it home and funny thing was I left the Coca-Cola in my back pack for an hour before I remembered that I even bought one.  You see Readers I forgot about buying a coke and actually wanting to drink one.  I put the bottle in the freezer to get it cold.  An hour later I opened and took my first drink in 22 days.  There was a metallic taste.  Took a few more drinks in the next 5 minutes and the same taste was there.  I would not say that the Coca-Cola tasted bad, but did not taste the same way I remember it.  Nor was the feeling of just taking a few drinks at once.  I did finish, and I think that towards the end of the bottle I started to remember Coca-Cola and how it tasted.  I think if I had bought the 2 Liter I would have eventually polished that 2 Liter off Monday night.

Both Coca-Cola days counts have been reset.  Today, for no alcohol the count is at four days and two days for no Cola-Cola.  It is what it is.  I read this term on another P90X blog - accountability.  Sure, it was accountability.  I have no problem with that.  I am glad that I am not with the ex anymore since I know I would not be doing this awesome thing now - no drinking everyday, no Coca-Cola everyday, eating very healthy, no fast food, no eating out, working out, and 21 pounds lighter to name the few things that have happened since I left the ex.  My friends and co-workers see me much much happier, much thinner and are amazed I am doing this.  I keep telling them I am doing this for myself, some (#####) as well as backing up what I say I am going to do and not all talk like the ex was. 

Perhaps I will talk about the Ride the Rockies in a future blog post that the ex wanted to do with me since I showed interest in doing/entering earlier this year.   Just to give a brief overview: I saw the bike route in February and really was planning on entering the lottery.  After that little talk and ensuing hurting the ex's feelings nothing more became of that talk.  The ex never got on a bike after that talk we had up until the last time in July were together.  The ex was (and still is the last time I saw the ex) in no condition what so ever to do a tour like the Ride the Rockies.  I did not want the ex to waste money, and more importantly I knew that there was not going to be commitment on the ex's part.  I can see into other people after knowing them for a bit what they are really capable at that time I do look.

I was searching some blog sites the past week and I noticed there are a lot of incomplete blogs on the P90X programs being entered on their blogs.  Yes, I mentioned this before, but I did not realize that there are really a lot.  Mine is one of them - twice before this third time starting the program.  Basically, the same blog posts to report - the pain, soreness, toughness, weak, can't balance, eating, etc.  Again, I want to say I am still sticking to this P90X program this time around.  I have to.  I want to.  Even though every week I have been not doing on the weekend.  Which surprises me - I would have thought I would be skipping days during the week.  Just on the weekends.  I need to really focus and do on Saturday and Sunday.  I am about to start the third week on the program (though it has been 3 and a half weeks as of today with days off I made)  Again during those days I did not do I did not do.  That's all - I did not bing or cheat or go crazy with not doing. 

Oh lunch time is up so I will have to continue this entry later on my P90X day 12 - Legs and Back tonight.  Today I ate hard boiled egg whites only, homemade salad for lunch and a tiny bit of tenderloin.  I did weight myself this morning and I am now at 139 pounds.  A co-workers asked me at lunch today.  She can not believe it -160 pounds when I left the ex in mid July and basically just three months later I am 21 pounds lighter.  And she can see that in my face as well as my pants being so loose. LOL.

Note to self: Today Toys R Us pulled Breaking Bad toys from their shelves.  Damn I now wish I would have bought last week.  Oh well.

Sorry Readers, I am back.  I was beat tired last night and did not work out or complete the rest of this entry. 

So, the Legs and Back went very well.  I added a weight bar to the wieder machine I have in my living room and basically I added 5 pounds to almost all of the routines I did.  I elected not to use the ankle weights, but only for the reason I thought that I would hardly be using in my routines.  I was wrong.  So, next week I will strap on the ankle weights for this routine.  And yes I know that it will be tough.  Matter of fact, my calves and butt are kind of sore from the routine two days later.  I do not think that I slept very well for that reason alone.

I did awesome on the wall squats and all squats and lunges with weights.  The Weider machine I did add another bar to the pulley so I was able to feel the weight and also I was doing less reps.  I still worked up a sweat and sweated like crazy.

And then once that was over it was the Ab Ripper X once more.  Once a bane in my side, but now less and less of a bane.  It is coming easier to do moves and I am almost to point of actually doing the routines like they are on the DVD.  Not the 25 they are doing, but soon I will be.  Soon.  The Mason twist I am seeing improvement each time I do the Ab Ripper X.

I am not say it is getting easier, but easier in a sense that I am getting back into knowing the routines and doing them.  I did throw out a Fuck you last night at the tv, but it was not in anger.  Just please give me a break.

Next routine is Kenpo X.  For now this time around my least favorite at the moment.  Only at the moment.
Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The P90X athlete finished with Day 12

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