Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sick?... Perhaps. But, Trying Not to Let That Happen.

Greetings Readers

I am off the P90X program for just a bit.  I am perhaps getting sick as I knew this would kind of happen.  Though this may be to some of the people sick around me as well as riding in the cold and rain in the past days.

This morning I went to Sprouts and bought Simply Grapefruit and Simply Orange Juice.  Yes, two different ones.  I am dumping my body full of vitamins and resting.  I did not work out last night either.  I grabbed the comforter, and went to bed.  Rest.  And now, for lunch at the place I work at I got beef tips with rice and green beans.   Again, off the program at the moment so I can get food into me without worrying about fat, sugar, carb intakes.  I am sorry about the white rice, but I am eating it as well as keeping my body full with food.  In a manner of speaking.

When I woke up this morning my throat was kind of hurting when I swallowed.  My throat got better as I got ready to leave, but as of this moment my throat is still hurting a bit when I swallow.  Nothing big, but could be the start of me getting sick.   Which I do not want to happen.  I came into work earlier so I can leave earlier as well.

Anyway, I will try to recap the past week of P90X that I said I was going to do in the previous blog post.

Let me start with going downtown.  I decided to go downtown since I heard that the bar I go to - the 1 Up Club had the new The Walking Dead Pinball machine.  I was stoked.  I am a fan of the show and with me being a pinball player I was excited to see and play this machine.  I did not want to go on a Saturday so I went on Sunday afternoon.  I also wanted to hear the machine and not be rushed to move to another pinball machine.  Overall, I did not like the machine.  The play field was kinda of small and crowded.  I did not like the skill shot either.  The right most ramp I could not hit.  I tried and tried on the three dollars I spent on the machine, but I just could not get the angle right to get that ball up the ramp.  What was disappointing to me was that I did not recognize any of the voices on the pinball machine.  I was actually expecting to hear some of the character voices, but to me, I did not hear one voice that is from the show.  Getting back to the machine - there is the well zombie in the play field.  I did not like the placement and with me being so new to the machine I do not know what to do with him.  I did hit a few times though.  There was a return lane on the right.  The left side had drop targets and then in the upper middle portion of the play field was a vault.  Hit the doors x amount of times and then you see a zombie head once the vault doors open.  Then, the walker kill mode starts.

I will give the machine another try the next time I go and see if I have a better experience.   I could also need a bit more playing time on the machine.  However, I do not want to waste money on the machine if I do not like playing or feel like the playing time is not worth it.  Speaking of which, the exit lanes on the left and right side were in play alot and I lost a lot of balls on those exit lanes.  I did not like that.  If pictures are not posted then I will post later.

Yes, I did some drinking when I went to the 1 Up bar.  Apricot beer - yummy.  Who knew that I would even have and like that beer that is served there from the Tap.  Love it.  And believe me that I do not use that world a lot.  LOVE.  I love you, Apricot beer.  I can not remember the maker, but I think the maker is in Aurora, CO.  Though not sure.

After the 1 Up club I stopped by CB & Potts and had some potato Skins.  I know, I know.  But I wanted some food.  Not healthy food.  But the food I have been forbidden to eat.  And what started this was that I could smell that at the 1 Up club as well as other types of appetizers.  I was going crazy while playing pinball.  Even as I write this my mouth is starting to water and the memories of me playing on Sunday and smelling that hot food being delivered to whomever ordered it at the bar.  Oh so good.  Yes, the potato skins were yummy.  I LOVE you potato skins.  I loved the way you tasted on Sunday.  I can not wait until the next time I decide to do something like this.

Then, the past weekend as well I did some minecrafting.  Alot of things have happened on the server I play on - mostly on the survival econ game of the server.  The way I make my money is gone.  They took away that option to sell that item and now I can not make my money and the mine craft farms that I have made are all useless, at the moment.  I had immediately thought of converting the farms right away, but I have decided to wait to see what is going to be done, or replaced, with that one item that can not be sold anymore to get money.  I did work on landscaping as well as getting some materials for that Halloween competition as well.  The deadline is 11/5 so I have a bit time, but not much time.  I did get an idea so now I just have to get the land and start building like a mad man. 

Yesterday, was the one month anniversary of starting the P90X program although you and I know Readers it has been two weeks officially going by the routines.  It is what it is.  I just hope I feel better tomorrow and do not get worse.  I want to get back on with me now being off the plan for five days.  Thank goodness it is just me now, meaning no ex.

Oh, I took a picture of me in some jeans that I was barely fitting into two months ago.  Now, I can not get them up.  They are too big.  Even with the belt being cinched in the jeans look goofy on me.  So, I took a couple of pictures and decided to retire them since I really can not wear them without them falling down.  Anyway, that is an awesome feeling knowing that the P90X plan is working awesomely, but also feeling that I am getting back into shape.  I also have another pair of jeans that I might have to retire as well since it is also having the same effect.  Breaking up with the ex was the best and healthiest thing to happen to me.  I think I may be down to waist 31, but not sure.  Weight this morning was 138 pounds.

Alright time for me to go.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The P90X athlete on halt with program-perhaps sick

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