Thursday, October 23, 2014

P90X - 2014 - Day 13

Greetings Readers

Kenpo X is in the books.  Tired now so I will continue tomorrow and update the routines and of course how I did and how sore I am... perhaps.

Alright, back on while on my lunch break on 10/24/14.  Not going to very long since I took about 30 minutes to browse the web and eat my salad with spicy chicken breast.  Not bad at all.  I did not eat anything this morning so I drank a Whey protein shake.  Which by the way Readers I have invested another 116.00 dollars into the P90X program by buying more of that new Whey Powder French Vanilla.  Note:  I was so wrong - I thought that I bought cookies and cream, but apparently I bought French Vanilla.  Anyway, since I bought the bag size and I did like I decided to buy the bigger size a couple of nights ago.  I also bought the same recovery drink as well since I was almost out of that.  I still am ok on the Creatine.  Though I have about two protein bars left as well.  So, there is going to be another 25.00 dollars as well.  So, this is more of a reason to continue on the P90X program.  I am in deep in money spending at GNC, but I am going to say it is worth it so far.  I think so anyway. 

The changes I can see a little, but in the pants oh yes I can see that tremendously.  I have been taking pictures of myself and I even took another picture of my new underwear that I bought at Dillards just before starting the P90X program.  I do not see any difference really.  I do not know why.  I still see my spare tire hanging a bit over the elastic and I do not like that look.  It's honest, but I know that I am getting that spare tire down.  After all pants fitting again and down to 138 pounds you know that the P90X program is working.

Kenpo X.  I know I stated that this is the least favorite for now.  I can say that last night I did actually like to do a bit and I even got most of the routines down much better than I thought.  I even worked up a huge sweat than last time.  I think that mentioned that I only sweated a bit, but I thought that was due to me learning the moves once more and then getting to the next routine.  Kenpo is pretty fast paced routine so by the time that you got the routine down it is onto the next routine. 

Before I started last night I cleaned up the humble abode - started the dishwasher, washed a load of colors in the washing machine and then picked up some scattered trash and then sorted my loose coins for my coins bottles storage.  (Note: my faithful Readers know my "coin storage bottles")  Wiped down the stove and counters and then I was basically ready. 

I grab the towel, the glass of water, put on my shoes and then I saw the...  The ankle weights.  The ankle weights.  I looked at them and thought could I do the routine with them on.  This Kenpo - quick and some leg kicking and moving, but doable in a sense.  Compared to Yoga X this would be manageable.  What the hell I thought.  I lower my white socks strapped the ankle weights on and thought to myself - what have I done?

"Forget the Rest"

I was literally sweating in the first 10 minutes of the program and this did not let up until then end.  I really did not have any issues with the ankle weights on.  There was some a balancing issue on the runner's pose with the arms in the air.  Other than that I was truly okay with the kicks that I had to do and those kicks were difficult.  Nevertheless, I did them correctly and they added the resistance to the routines.

Bottom line, I nailed almost all the routines.  Thank goodness I started to remember the moves.  Yet, I still have an issue with jab, cross, uppercut moves.

And for me - Awesome call on the Ankle Weights being used on Kenpo X!  Boo Yah!

The hour went fast and then next thing you know it is 8:20 and I was done.  Woo Hoo!

With that said, I decided to hop onto Minecraft and do some minecrafting.  I did that for a while earning some in game money - called nooks - on the server that I play on.  There are two reasons why I am doing this.  One, so I can attain the highest rank and I am 1/3 being there as of last night.  But two, there is a Halloween competition and I am very very tempted to enter the competition.  I bet if can win, if not, place in the top three.  I already have an idea on what I want to build, but the materials that I need are going to cost a bit to buy.  Depending on where I buy.  Anyway, that is kind of a good goal that I want to do.  The deadline is like in 12 days or something like that.  I know it is less than 15 days since that is when I printed out the rules.

We will see.

The next routine - rest day or X Stretch for Day 14.  Again Readers, I am not sure what I want to do yet.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The P90X Athlete finishing Day 13.

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