Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Vacation Aftermath

Greetings Readers

This blog entry will probably be a "I don't give a shit about this" since I am going to tell you/me everyday mundane stuff, but I think I need to remember this day so that is why I blogging about it.

As of 5:58 PM yesterday I stepped into my humble abode. My humble abode. Hmmm.

I was dreading opening the front door, but I was also looking forward to "be home" in over a week. Not that I wanted to be back so soon, but sometimes "home" is where the heart is.

I surveyed the two most important places in my humble abode that I was spending my time before vacation - the living room and the kitchen. I would like to compare these two rooms to what a "war area" might look like, but realistically I can not.

I would say the place looked like a first year campus dorm room. Trash was everywhere, dishes were scattered throughout the kitchen. My blankets were on the floor in front of the couch. The couch pillows were all over the living room. Note: This was due to me being sick and trying to get comfortable as I could while sick so I had moved to living room and eventually I wound up on the living room floor sleeping/resting. I felt comfortable while laying on the floor. Don't ask me why - how. I just was.

I did take out the trash before leaving for vacation, but I left some trash on the counter and that was not very "pretty" to see when I stepped into the kitchen. I did do a load of dishes (via dishwasher) before leaving, but I guess I still had more dishes in the sink to put in the dishwasher. I guess I never got to finish that part. Yes readers - I had to finish the dish washing last night. I had to empty the trash, which composed of tissue and Kleenex from blowing my nose and wiping my runny nose while sick. I surely did go through a lot. I had a load of clothes to wash, but never started the washer. Thank goodness otherwise those clothes would have been wrinkled beyond repair.

I had other stuff laying about the counters, dining table and in front of the TV. The spice cabinet was open due to me taking some spices to my parent's place. This is something that I do every time I go and visit my parents. Spices. Spices I take very seriously in my cooking. In my view, personal view, Spice Islands is number one. In my humble abode I have all Spice Islands and only a few McCormick spices. Years back while at my parents I ran out of a certain spice and I could not do anything else. The store is about 50 miles away so "just running to the store" has a totally different meaning. Now, I buy 2 spices at a time - one for me and one for the ranch. One may say that they all taste the same. Well yes, but I have a palette that does know the difference and once you had "the best" it is hard to change to something "less than the best"

A friend called me a "name brand wh-re", which I have to agree I am. Proud? I don't know. But, once I am used to something I really can not compromise to another brand. It is either have or not have. Any should I not have then so be it. In my view - "It was not meant to be"

All in all, before I was able to sit down and relish being home - I had to clean up. Just for peace of mind, but also it is not in my nature to "wallow" in a mess. Four laundry loads later, a dish washing, three small bags of trash, sorting of all the change I accumulated during my vacation and one serious cleaning of the refrigerator I was happily watching "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" and enjoying a can of Vanilla Coke. Yes, happily.

Sure there was "work" to be done before being in a "happily" state, but I did not see that as work. I saw that as being home and bringing my world back into "state of normal" for me.

As you can tell I did not transfer my files from my laptop last night so I guess I will have to do that tonight so I can give you insight on my Christmas vacation tomorrow

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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