Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Australian Open 2008 - Day 9

Greetings Readers

Good evening readers. I had to make myself go to sleep last night at 7 PM (MST) so I could be back to a sort of normal state. As soon as the Tennis started LIVE last night I started the recording and then by the time it ended - 1 AM - I was awake for the 1:30 AM (MST ) match between Henin vs. Sharapova.

I was beat tired. I did not want to go to sleep, but I had to make myself go to sleep. I know that I could not function on less than 12 hours of sleep in the past 96 hours or so.

Yet, this is what the Australian Open is to me about. The first Grand Slam of the year. Live coverage is what I want and is what I desire. I want to know this die hard fan saw the match and no edited replay in the afternoon, our time zone of course. I want to walk into work and brag what I saw and transpired at Melbourne Park.

Getting back to the match Henin vs. Sharapova. Maria won pretty convincingly, but it appears that Henin was trying a power game with Maria. Again, that is my view and I am not sure that is the correct thing to assume. Henin did play, but some of the things I saw her do was not up to Henin's speed Pictured on today's post is Henin at the post media conference.

And Serena lost to Jelena. That was the first LIVE match yesterday evening that I made myself go to sleep to. I listened to the announcers when I woke up that they were surprised. Yet, I am not. Jelena is ranked number three in the world and I am sure that she played like the number three seed in the Tennis World. Sorry readers, I am going to have to watch this match either tonight or early tomorrow morning, should the evening match (Melbourne Time) finish quickly.

This morning it was 2 degrees. With the wind chill it was -8 degrees. And yes, it was cold, cold. I was freezing by the time I was 30 seconds outside in the morning air. Then waiting for the RTD to arrive. I was cold. My poor ears were the coldest. I had to take two scarfs this morning. One to wrap and keep the cold air from getting inside my overcoat. The other is to wrap around my neck and ears. Readers, I did not want to wear my Natalie Merchant stocking cap since I did not want to have stocking cap hair when I got to work. No way.

Oh, yesterday I took RTD once more and the bus driver made a joke. "So, you are too lazy to ride your bike to work?" I was a bit shocked since she knew that about me. I knew nothing of her, which I felt bad about. I replied - "It is too damn cold to ride this morning" I knew I would never warm up properly. My feet, hands and face would be cold and I did not want to feel that cold yesterday.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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