Saturday, January 05, 2008

My Last Saturday At This Age

Greetings Readers

Okay, I was able to load some files from my laptop to my main computer and I was able to post one for your enjoyment. This is Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, last week...

My Christmas arrived while I was taking the Americanos Bus down to Albuquerque, New Mexico. This was the second time that I took the Americanos bus. I guess I have to say that the Americanos Bus is better than the Greyhound bus. First of all, they have drapes on the windows, two - there seems to be more leaning (incline) in the seats and three - it seems that the bus are non-stop to whatever destination is stated.

Yet, there seems to a bit of a drawback to the Americanos bus. The inbound (Inboard) movie is in Spanish and I bet the movie is from Mexico. In this case the movie was a black and white movie and I could care less what was showing. I guess I really do not pay attention to the movie that is playing since most of the time I have my Ipod playing.

Well, now I have arrived in Albuquerque and it is a little after 2:30 AM Christmas Morning. I am not tired nor did I sleep on the way down to Albuquerque. I guess being sick the past weekend and sleeping around the clock has taken all my sleep and I am not that tired, the least.

Now, I am sitting with the people that I stick up for. The “Little People”. Yes, there are all types of little people that I would consider and I have to say that Bus station is a great place to see the little people. Yet, as I was typing this entry I was bothered by someone trying to sell me a leather wallet for a few bucks.

I have to say that deep in the back of my mind I heard every comment that was said about my wallet, but all those memories flashed by like a camera flash. I came to my senses and said no. I was busy and the thing that I hate the most is being interrupted when I am deep into something that I am in. Readers, I was typing away like a mad man and he was saying “Excuse me” “excuse me” and I was not going to stop typing for him nor anyone else.

I hope Christmas is what you make it. Or in my view I hope that the holiday is what you make it. Do not worry if you think that you are the only one that does not celebrate Christmas or perhaps does not get into the Christmas spirit. There are other people just like you. Like me. Like everyone else. Sure the percentage is small, but yet even one percent is a lot of people. Christmas for me is a time for family to get together. Not the actual give giving, per se.

Getting back to the past few days. I was literally knocked down sick. This virus hit me like a freight train and Saturday I was down and out. I could not get up, my head hurt; I couldn’t sleep more than a couple of hours at a time. I did not even try to eat anything solid. I crawled to the pantry and pulled out the last Chicken Noodle soup and heated that up for the only meal of the weekend. I had some Vanilla Coke, but I also had water. My refrigerator was empty and in the condition that I was in I was not going to be able to go to the store anytime soon. I played a VCR tape and basically dozed in and out while that was playing. I did not have the TV on since I was just listening and had no urge to watch what was playing.

Alright, I have arrived at the ranch. My parents and brother are off to the All Families Christmas Party and I am going to sleep and rest.

The picture for today's post was taken last week. This is at one of the Light Rail Stations. Yes, it very windy snowy, dark for afternoon.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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