Friday, January 25, 2008

The Australian Open 2008 - Day 12

Greetings Readers

"The shot that was heard around the world"

I do not know if that sentence would pertain to the event that transpired this morning at 1:30 AM MST. Yet, this news is travelling and gaining in strength.

I will tell you what I saw. The same exact thing I saw in the Tsonga vs. Nadal the morning before. Decimation. Period. No excuses. And no one should say there was. I was watching the same exact match.

I will tell you readers on the first thing that I heard after the game. Federer's streak. Federer not going to be number 1 this year. Federer was not "playing well". Federer this. Federer that.

All this was mention regarding Federer, yet not one of those announcers even gave the winner, Novak Djokovic (pictured on today's blog), the time of the day he deserve in anyone's post game recap. Not to mention the honor and respect a player deserves for beating the number one player in the world. Those announcers were still talking about Federer and what this loss means. And so forth. No other words were exchanged about Djovokic until the very end of the announcer's post game conference before signing off the air. Final score of this last man standing match 7-5, 6-3, 7-6.

Readers - as much as I want to give you something I am going to wait since they have/or will air this match on ESPN2. Please see for yourself what I am talking about and take in mind what you see and what you hear. And more importantly = ) my post regarding this match.

I am happy to say I am glad that Federer lost, yet he still has my respect. 100 % and more due to me not caring for Nadal. Thirty four hours ago Tsonga played like he owned that tennis court. Ten hours ago Djokovic played like he owned the same tennis court.

Now, Djokovic vs. Tsonga. Readers - I am going for the underdog and the "New Aussie favorite this year" Tsonga. Oh, it's on!

Tough match to choose for the Women's Final - My heart and hope goes to Ana Ivanovic, but Maria has the game to destroy Ana very quickly. My friendly bet is available should I choose Ana to win. I just do not know. A double bet since that offer applies to the Djokovic vs. Tsonga Men's Final. Me Tsonga to win.

I think I will take both bets!

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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