Sunday, January 06, 2008

Sunday's Review

Greetings Readers

I have seen my first movie of the year and this film was released last year. No Country For Old Men. A very interesting movie for the better 7/8 of the movie. Actually, all throughout the film, but I did get a bit confused at the end. However, that may have been due to me not actually listening to the monologue at the beginning of the movie and only really paying attention to the scenes at the beginning of the movie, which shows various landscapes in New Mexico (even though the film is set in Texas).

Note: No spoilers are mentioned by me, but just a few scenes and thoughts I had after watching the movie.

Since our ranch is in New Mexico and we knew that this film was film all over New Mexico and at various locations I was looking for identifiable locations. Which I did! I think I was able to locate almost all the locations that are shot through the beginning of the film. And then some throughout the movie.

The movie grabs you from the get go then really does not let go until almost the end of the movie. I have to say that the Cohen Brothers have done another masterful piece of film making and casting. The filming was excellent, the absence of music throughout the movie was fantastic, the actors and actresses all had their respective roles and dialogues which almost fit every part of the movie. Again - almost. I did disagree on only a couple of the characters (I will not mention).

The part of the movie that I sort of saw a mirror image of myself was when "the bad ass" was in the little store eating from a bag of peanuts while "conversing" to the store man (owner). The way that the owner acted/talked would also have rubbed me "differently" from someone else who may have been asked the same questions from the owner. I know that I would not have put up with the owner's questions and whatnot's. Ask a stupid/general question to me and most likely I will either be a smart ass about it or answer you very seriously. I would not have gone as far as the coin flip, but I would have acted the similar way. Or perhaps someone saw me acting this way and decided to write a scene based on how I act - sometimes. Who knows =).

All in all - I did not falter or squirm in my seat while watching the movie. Nor did I get bored. I was waiting for the next scene and the next scene and what was going to happen next. I also wanted a nice ending, but with the Cohen's you are not guaranteed a "happy ending".

I was laughing at some of the dialogue in the movie, before any of the other film goers started laughing. I am not sure if the other film watchers were just watching "a film" in their eyes that they heard was excellent. I know I was watching a Cohen film and I knew to expect some laughable dialogue, which I got before anyone else did. I am not bashful about laughing first - it was funny even though the scene was meant to be serious until the final dialogue of the scene is uttered and then you hear everyone laugh at that. For example, when the "bad ass" drinks the milk in the trailer and then later Tommy Lee Jones and his deputy shows up as notices the milk. I got it before anyone else did.

I am not going to point out to you readers when I got a bit confused towards the end of the movie. Or perhaps I should say when I just lost the momentum of watching the movie towards the end. Perhaps I will look on the Internet and see what "others" say about the ending. And then maybe in a month I will re-visit this movie and give you my thoughts on the ending. Since it is still a new movie I do not want to spoil the movie for you.

I guess that wraps up the movie review, my movie thoughts, so to speak. It was worth the 7.50 and 6.50 in popcorn I spent today. The movie was long so that made the money I spent worth every cent.

Pittsburgh lost. And I lost a bet. Damn.

And then I thought to share a picture of me today. Yes, once more - a picture of me.

Yesterday, I bought a computer game - SimCity 4 - Deluxe Edition. Yes, it is good and my computer is just on the line for actually operating the game. Barely.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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