Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Australian Open 2008 - Day 2

Greetings Readers

Tennis History is being made and I have no cable. For about two months now. I am now missing my first major Tennis tournament of the year - A Grand Slam.

There is a new surface in Austrailia Open. New Rules about temperature play (Heat Index) and so forth and I can not see any of this. I am missing my LIVE coverage. I want this. I need this.

Pictured is Gonzales. Who last year was unknown to me at that time, but when I saw his play against Hewitt - Gonzales really caught my eye. Not arrogant, but showing the crowd there is just more than a "Hewitt" in the house. I guess I am going to have to make that call - today. While we are still in week 1.

I am so sorry readers that I am not giving you readers the low down, my view, and the re-cap before taped play begins here in the USA.

For that - I am truly sorry.

Matter of fact I might be like TO just recently, Talking normal and then quivering towards the end of the talking.

Well, I am going to give a different reporting - for now


Women's Draw

Davenport vs Sharapova - "That's my girl" meaning Davenport and I will predict a win. And not because there is/was a problem "supposely" with Sharapova's shoulder late last year.

V Williams vs C Pin - Not really a long shot - but I would want Pin to win - her performance was pretty good last year.

And I guess that's all I see that could be "different" from what "other people" would say are gimmie matches. I expect all other matches to go as planned.

Granville - not surprised she is out, but expected her to go further.

Men's Draw

Federer vs. Santoro - Could be entertaining if Santoro "shows" up and gives us watchers a match to remember.

Safin vs. Baghdatis - Wow. I like them both. Safin is my choice - for past reasons I have stated in the past.

Moya, Ljubici, Murray - Upsets? Perhaps.

That's about all I can say, for now.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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