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Bike Tires, Sunglasses & "Please"

Greetings Readers

The subject of Bike Tires – Continued

So, when I do get a new set of bike tires I would have to say that Murphy’s Law somehow strikes.

There I am biking wherever when suddenly a vehicle pulls out or a vehicle decides to cut me off and I immediately have to apply both sets of brakes. Hard. And when I mean hard I mean locking up my brakes and skidding on the pavement/concrete. How makes times have I said “Fuck” and wonder just how much bike tire residue I left on the road and how many miles I just lost from that hard skid. Oh, that feeling is just overwhelming. Knowing that I locked up my bike tires and had to skid on the road.

That scenario just burns me up.

The next issue with my new bike tires. Now, as I stated in the previous blog I do buy the more expensive bike tire. Only the best. However, I get “burned up” when I think about how much I paid for that 700 x 23 bike tire and I then compare that to buying a speed rated tire (Firestone or Michelin) for my Camero. I usually pay $ 100.00 to $ 150.00 for each tire. And as you know those vehicle tires are over 12 inches wide. As opposed to my bike tire, which in this case, is 23 cm wide. A big fucking difference and I get worked up thinking about how much I paid for a bike tire compared to my Camero tire. Urgh! Damn. That’s just wrong. And the bike tire is only a thin tire as oppose to a vehicle tire, which can last more than a year. A bike tire only last as long as you treat the tire right and depending on the miles you put on the tires. It is just wrong. Wrong! (Readers, you have to imagine me sounding like Cartman when he says the word “Wrong”).

Alright readers, I think I am finally done with talking about bike tires. Tubes will have to be a future subject since that would be a lengthy subject.

As you can see on today’s blog is my birthday present to myself. Yep – Oakley’s M Frame – Fire Iridium vented sweep Carbon black frame. I went 8 months without Oakley’s so I planned (saved) to get a new Oakley M Frame for my birthday. Also, I lost my cheap sunglasses, which I have had for over 5 years, this past Sunday.

I think this is the fifth set of Oakley’s in 10 years that I have purchased. All previous Oakley’s have been “lost” by me. And when I say “lost” that means I left my Oakley’s somewhere and by the time I realize I left them wherever my Oakley’s were gone. I left the Oakley’s, but really my Oakley’s were stolen. Or as Ben Kenobi would say “from a certain point of view”. My ignorance lead to my Oakley’s to be “stolen” by someone else. I do have to say that on all of the Oakley’s that were “stolen” my Oakley’s were pretty used and scratched up on the lens.

However, the people who “stole” my Oakley’s have the frame so all that person needs to do is buy a new lens, which is a bit cheaper than buying a whole new Oakley Sunglasses.

I guess this is something that I have come to terms with. I have to have the best and I will pay the cost. I do have various lenses – Blue Iridium, Red Iridium, Yellow lens, Clear lens, Brown lens (heater style), Black lens and an Orange lens. But obviously, if there is no Oakley M Frame then the rest of my Oakley lenses are useless.

The past 8 months I had to ride with my cheap sunglasses I had up until last Sunday. I have the sunlight coming in from the sides since the cheap sunglasses were not wrap around glasses. I also had the sun reflected back into my eyes when the sun was at a certain angle to be reflected from in the inside of my cheap sunglasses. Yet, I dealt with the inconvenience until I felt I needed a new Oakley M Frame.

In my personal opinion, any bike rider who does not own an Oakley sunglasses is not a true biker/cyclist. Yeah yeah, I know that I have not had any Oakley’s sunglasses for the past 8 months and technically I would fall under that “not a true cyclist”. A conundrum. But, I did wear my very, very old Oakley’s every once in a while. Old school baby! Perhaps I will post a picture on tomorrow’s blog.

Once again I am a name brand wh-re.

Readers, I want to state that I am not supporting Oakley’s nor giving them an endorsement. They have not even done at thing for me nor from word of mouth would they even think of sponsoring me for wearing their product.

Oakley’s are a great lens. I would say that I look good with the Oakley Sweep style on me. And with that let me close on that subject.

By the way readers, the girl that was helping me in the Oakley store (at Cherry Creek Mall) had very striking eyes. I was attracted to her eyes and eyelashes. I am not sure why I zeroed in on her eyes. She was petite, young, and had a nice looking body. Yet her eyes were striking. Should you ask me what color her eyes where I couldn't tell you reader what color they were. Go and try to figure that shit out.

Alright readers – time for another incident on RTD. I had to take RTD Sunday afternoon since I wanted to be dressed in street clothes as opposed to bike clothes.

It was about 7 PM Sunday night and I was on my way home from Cherry Creek Mall. Me and this woman were waiting together on the bus. Trying to warm up from the cold outside.

“What time is it?”

I thought to myself for a millisecond – Should I ask her for the magic word?

I replied “about 7:29”

She said nothing else.

Not for the entire ride. As I pulled the cable for my stop I calmly said to her.

“The next time that you ask a stranger for the time make sure that you use the words please and/or thank you. The next person may not be as nice as I was”

She gave me a look like how dare I talk to her like that. Yet, I did not expect this sort of thing from a white woman. She did not say sorry or anything else. I did not say anything else. I had the past two miles to think about what I wanted to say and how to say this to her without being aggressive.

I was semi-irked that she did not use the word “Please” and/or “thank you”. Common fucking courtesy. Yet, since I had my new Oakley sunglasses I was happy. And I made sure that she heard me say “thank you and have a nice evening” to the RTD bus driver. Let her fucking think about the bitch she was being.

Yes readers - I expect a “Please” and/or “Thank you” when the situation calls for those two words.

This morning I was waiting for the bus. I was lazy about biking to work this morning.

“Boy, the bus is running late.”

This was uttered by a woman sitting at the same bus stop I was at. I was not looking at her, but I could see from the corner of my eye that she had turned to me and say this. With my new Oakley’s on she could not tell where the fuck I was looking. Like the way it should be.

Also, she could see my earphones in my ear since she is looking at the side of my head. My white earphones are pretty striking against my hair and skin. I could hear her, but also I was listening to ClubTiesto on my Ipod. I choose to not to acknowledge her – which is my given right.

Then, that “magical” sentence popped out of her mouth.

“Do you know what time is it”

I would say it was not even a nanosecond this time. I was smiling on the inside, but I could not smile nor turn my head to look at her and acknowledge that question. No way! Sure I know what time it is, the G-Shock watch on my left wrist will answer that question. Just say the magic word – “please”.

Yes readers – She did not say the “magic word” and this time I was not cold, nor happy with pure delight. I am back to my old self. Until she said “Please” she could wonder all morning at that bus stop.

And this so funny to me since technically 12 hours ago I had the exact question posed to me.

I want the fucking courtesy I have earned through my life and you best better believe it I will either get it or not get it. If I do, then respect. If not, then you better take a long look at yourself and consider reviewing your manners.

Deja-vu - Dallas Cowboys lost again, like last year (in a manner of speaking). Not this time on a fumble. I blame Jessica Simpson. Basically, The Cowboys just did not "show up" this week. Yet, I got choked up hearing T.O. talk about it was not.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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