Friday, January 04, 2008

1st Light Rail Incident of the New Year

Greetings Readers

So, I must be getting well judging by my incident this morning at the Light Rail Station. And of course you readers know that it has been a while since the last incident I blogged about. Hah hah. Yeah, I know making myself laugh.

I saw the light rail train coming to my stop so I had to run down the walkway and the stairs. I was not the only one running for the train. Unfortunately, the train was only one car so I had to run the whole length of the light rail station and hope that people are getting off the train so I could make the train in time.

Yes there was people exiting the train. The person running before me got on in the middle of the train, while I elected to get on the end of the train, nearest me. I was there and then I see this guy not looking where he was going. He was looking into the car. I got in his way and elected not to go around this guy. Fuck him. I had the right of way and there was no chance in hell that I was going to miss this train. I saw him still not turning to look my way and I stopped in my tracks. He ran into me and turned around to look to who he bumped into. As soon as he looked at me I raised my arm and hand pushed him to my left - basically out of my way gently, but forcefully. He started talking, but with my earphones and Natalie Merchant singing about how a bottle is our best friend I could not understand what he was saying. To me all I could hear was him sounding like "Charlie Brown's teacher" wonk wonk and wonk.

This action put a smile on my face and made me feel so much better. I do not know why. But, I think it is because I am know getting better (healthy).

Update on a Martina Hingis blog entry I did last year about her "retirement" and an apparently drug violation. Well, it was announced this morning that cocaine was used by her last year during Wimbledon and she now has been given a 2 year ban retroactive to Oct 2007 and she will lose points from last year and give up 102k in prize money. Too bad for Hingis, but she is retired so sort of a mute point on the ban.

And lucky me - Today is Double points redemption on codes enter today for Coca Cola Rewards. Thank goodness I saved those 12 and 24 pack codes - 20 and 40 points respectively. This means a lot to me.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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