Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Australian Open 2008 - Day 11

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I am now in sync with Melbourne. Granted, it took a week and now there are only a couple of days left in the Australian Open. But I am now sleeping on a routine schedule and I am waking up at 1:15 AM (MST) Denver, Colorado time and awake until I get home and then I go to sleep right away.

Now - The match that was aired at 1:30 AM Live - Tsonga vs. Nadal. This match was almost a match that I did not want to watch since I can not watch Nadal and his picking at his shorts from his ass movement almost every point of the match. Yet, there was Tsonga (pictured on today's blog post). I have been keeping tabs from the first match when he beat Andy Murray. The other day he got more and more of my attention when he defeated Youzhny. Hence, that is why I elected to watch this match - Live.

Listening to the announcer(s) once more is just sad. Sad that they are so bias and do not give the underdog a chance in hell. Have these same announcers been paying attention to Tsonga? Have they watched the same matches I have not watched? Have they notice who Nadal has played and the results that have transpired in the past week or so? Have they seen the numbers for Tsonga in the past week and a half?

Even when Tsonga has won the first two sets and leading in the third set those same announcers are still behind Nadal. Even when they are commentating it's - An example and not actual quote - Nadal get a racket on the ball and it is innnn... nope out. Nadal runs up and hit the ball down and it is a winnnnnn.. nope out. These announcers are just for Nadal regardless how Tsonga was playing last night.

As I mentioned before when Tsonga was leading in the third set yet the announcers are talking about him choking. Choking on his play. Going to get tight. Have these same announcers been watching the same match I was watching?! Tsonga was playing Tennis and his play was, I hate to say this, was very entertaining and so unusual to see such play from an unseeded player. And this unseeded player was taking the number two seed in the world for the ride of this tournament. Tsonga's play was just better. Nadal did play tennis last night. I can not fault him for not playing. Nadal did play and it was good. Yet, Tsonga had answers for almost all his shots.

If I were to coin a label for Tsonga it would be "the Dropper King" aka "the Droppa King" of the tournament. I have not seen such "droppers" during one match. And such variety. Yes, a couple "droppers" looked lucky, a couple "droppers" were awful, but the other "droppers" were fantastic. Even the announcer Darren Cahill did not want to say his usual way he says "droppa" to his favorite players in the tournament. Yet, Darren finally had to give in and he gave Tsonga the respect he earned in the first set of the game "the droppa"

This is who the Aussies are behind this year and rightly so. "Oy Oy"

And the decimation that was ensued last night the final score was 6-2, 6-3, 6-2. At the end of the last set the announcers were changing their tune, so they did not look like shitheads by not giving Tsonga his respect he earned way before coming into this match. Tsonga moved as if he knew the court as his home. He was eloquent on the way he moved on the court. So fluid like an oiled machine.

I mentioned back in July of a certain "Dark Horse" and this will be the male version of the "Dark Horse" I can and will label the song "Dark Horse and Under the Cherry Tree" Oooh hooo.

With that play of tennis I witnessed this morning I was impressed. And I will close on that word.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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