Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Australian Open 2008 - Day 10

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The fourth seeded player in the world beat a lower seeded player in the world. Yes, that is the number fourth player pictured in the world - Ana Ivanovic. She played Venus Williams last night and her play showed why she is number four in the world. In my opinion I think that Ana has probably almost gotten past the feeling that "I am now in the big times" and plays badly under a full stadium with everything on the line. Anyway, that is what I saw last night at 7:00 PM (MST)

I do not agree with the announcers (I know - what's new) that any injury or something else made Venus not play. In one word Venus got Outplayed. The match was what the number four seeded player would do to the eighth seeded player of the world. No decimation by Ana, just played a whole lot better. Really no errors by Venus.

Long story short - The William sisters got ousted out of the 2008 Australian Open in a span of 24 hours - singles and doubles. I am not jumping for joy, but I am glad those two are out of the tournament.

I am going to touch this subject as an opinion article and will most likely submit to in a day or so. I need to submit an article since I have not submitted for a awhile.

I saw the match evening match, which is 1:30 AM (MST) in Denver, Colorado. I knew the outcome, but I did want to Blake to win. This time Blake did put up a better play of tennis, but this match was quickly over in three matches. Yet, this was not the same play in the last meeting that these two had at the US Open last year or two years ago - I can not remember the exact Open from memory. The last one was a pure beat down in New York.

Tsonga - This could be a possibility. I have been keeping my eye on him for the past two years. And now he has Nadal next. Tsonga just beat Youzhny. I can not believe that, but the way things are happening this Grand Slam. Interesting to say the least.

So, that pretty much sums up the Australian Open the past 12 hours.

As I have mentioned the past few blogs the weather has been cold, cold each morning. And I mean cold. Three of the past five days it has been so cold that my 30Gig Black Ipod automatically shut down. I thought it was the battery power. Nope. Pure cold. I am not sure that is something that happens. Yet, on the 8Gig Pink Ipod that does has not shut down in the cold, cold air. Perhaps the size of the Ipod has something to do with the Ipod shutting down. I just do not know. Anyway, nothing that I am concerned about. Just something that I noticed.

Readers - I do have some more personal cycling topics and I am going to try to squeeze a subject in the next day or so.

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