Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Changes for the New Year

Greetings Readers

I am going to have to go back to some of my old post (early ones) and see what I actually said I was going to do for you readers. I think I am pretty sure I said that I was going to tell you about some of my biking adventures.

Which I have - whether I did on this blog or created other blogs under this profile the majot stories for the most part have been uploaded onto blogger.

Now, I am a bit hazy on what else I did say that I was going to do. Did I say I was going to write about cycling everyday? Did I say I was going to log my miles? I do not know.

What I am getting at is that I am at a lost on what I actually wrote. I know that I have been telling you readers of my everyday life. Whether on a clerk at 7-11 or McDonald's pissed me off. Or how about Chik-fil-lay and Rafael. How about the Light Rail Incidents? Or about the Space Shuttles? Cycling in General. My major sports events I cover - Tennis, Cycling some Football.

I hope that my blog is not too boring. Or if you feel I have strayed from what I said perhaps I need to revisit on what I said and see if I need to alter my blogging for this year.

I do not know.

Cycling is very important in my life, yet I do not feel the need to write about it everyday. I think that is boring. What is not boring is my.... stops... yeah stops along the way to whereever. I get pissy or someone gets pissy with me. Perhaps I saw my future wife. Hah hah.

Running is number two and I did try a Sunday recurring blog that I tried. I liked that, but again there is only so much that I really post that will mean nothing to you.

I am going to experiment this week and see if something new might work in my blog. I am going to keep the picture a day on my blog.

Now, onto today's events. Nothing. A cold day once more, but at least it is warmer than yesterday. Mount Evans this morning is white, white with all the new snow that has fallen in the past two weeks.

I bought a gift for one of my friends that I have come to know in the past year. It is the one that I place bets with (small bottle of alcohol)- for fun. This time I bought a bottle of Crown Royal this past weekend as a thank you gift and holiday gift. It was under 20.00 so that basically is nothing. No, I am not buying the friendship, but just as thanks.

Now, onto a cycling topic. I read in another blog about being on the road as a cyclist.

I felt the same way as this person, but overall I have come to terms about being on the road.

The person mentioned about people yelling, things being thrown from a vehicle, people doing u turns in front of them, etc. I agree with all those and I have even more. A vehicle not stopping to turn into the flow off traffic while looking on way and not the other way, which is the way I normally bike. I have people honk their horns at me in anger, warning, for fun, what have you. Most things thrown at me are the take out cups/drinks from McDonalds or any fast food restaurant. I have people stop way into the pedestrian walk as opposed before it, per the law. I have had people yell/scream/talk/gester at me for whatever reasons. Sorry readers - those Damn earphones that I wear just help me so much to drown out what people are saying/yelling/etc!

About 90 percent of the time I just ignore and the other 10 percent I will often "get into it" with the driver/passenger just so I get a rise/get excited or let's be honest just to get my kicks.

I do obey the law - I stop at stop signs, I wait for signals just as a car would, I do hand signal, and I am sure there a few other things I do that I can not think of right now. And yes, even in the middle of nowhere I stop at the stop sign. There is no reason for me to ride through the stop sign. I am usually riding most of the time on a state road so the rules of operating a vehicle still apply to me. No exceptions.

Oops, I am starting to wander off topic - I have learned to live with the parts of biking that are "hazards". I complain every once in a great while otherwise I just keep going and not let whatever is happening bother me. Remember, I bike because I love biking and I love the feeling I feel while on a bike. I think about nothing and everything. I have no worries except pedalling the miles away. At the end of the year and I want to say I did over 8,000 miles in a year. I want to say I biked Mount Evans. I want to say I did 150 miles in one day. I want to say that I only rode 250 miles on my new bike - Rebecca - last year.

I do not think telling you readers of everyday dealings I have with drivers will keep you readers entertained. Though perhaps my dealings with Fast food joints in the past year may not be keeping you entertained. I do not know. But I do tell you readers about the crashes I had last year.

In closing, I think I am going to change my blog posting on cycling and see how I like it. Or how it is going to work. This too will apply for running.

Okay readers, I really miss the Soprano's - I heard "Woke up this Morning" and I almost felt the way that commerical I blogged about one or two months ago. I have not watched the Soprano's for over a month and I need a fix.

And today's picture is my birthday present to myself.

ntil the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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