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My Biking/Cycling Jerseys

Greetings Readers

Another year has transpired and another year I am one year closer to death. You know that is sort of similar to a Pink Floyd song lyric in a song that I love. (Oh the reason just came to me! that is a story in itself - 1st year college and coming home for break and visiting the so called high school sweetheart who was a senior at high school - Probably not the story that you are thinking even happening. Totally messed up - but more importantly I could care less at that moment in time)

No, I am not giving you readers a grim look of death. Nor am I worried about it.

Okay, let me change that topic into another topic that will be interesting, I hope.

Oh, I have not gotten my birthday present that I asked for =).

Onto Cycling once more.

Bike Jerseys

I do not buy bike jerseys for the sakes of buying bike jerseys. The bike jersey(s) that I would buy would need to catch my attention. As I mentioned before bike jerseys are expensive. Well, any bike jersey that has more than one color, logos, and a name brand are expensive. There are the cheap ones that are anywhere from 25.00 to 40.00 dollars. And yes I do own two cheap bike jerseys. Courtesy of when I first started biking and needed to look like a biker/cyclist. Both are yellow (one is bright canary yellow and the other is a dull yellow) and I think I bought both of the bike jerseys from Gart Brothers.

After I started biking and started to understand that there was a "big" difference in bike jerseys. Not to mention was is socially looked upon as "rich" and "poor" and a "racer" cyclist/biker. The "racer" aspect I was not worried about at all. I was worried about looking the part of a "rich" rider. Or in my point of view - A cyclist who gives a fuck on how he looks on a bike.

So, after those two yellow bike jerseys I had in my ever so small collection I had to buy the "Cool" bike jerseys. If I remember correctly, I think the next bike jersey that I bought was a white bike jersey (with logos) from the bike tour - The Courage Classic Bike Tour from 1998. Yes, the bike Tour jersey is cool, but not as cool as the bike jersey(s) I have bought for the past 12 years.

I now own over 20 bike jerseys (I am trying to think of all the bike jerseys that are hanging in my closet) and each of bike jerseys were selected/bought for my taste and my want meter at that moment in time. I also took in the factor that I know that I would most likely be the only rider in my area to be sporting that particular jersey "on the block".

If you were to ask me what is the most favorite bike jersey that I have hanging in my closet I think that my favorite looking jersey would have to be the "Texas" jersey since I absolutely love the bull that is pictured on the back of the bike jersey and the words that are printed on the back of the bike jersey are "Don't Mess with Texas". That motto is a true motto that means do not litter in Texas since it is a very expensive fine. Now, I say that is my favorite, but I do love my "Southpark" bike jersey that I acquired... about two years ago. I love Cartman on the back of the bike jersey. And the main reason that I like this bike jersey is that this particular bike jersey gets everyone from no one to comment on this bike jersey. I wear this bike jersey to get the attention that I crave. The attention that I want. And more importantly the attention that I thrive off. I desire to be the center of attention when I am on the bike. Which I think that most of you faithful readers should know by now.

Then there is my "Santa Fe Century" bike Tour jersey. Only two colors are on the bike jersey and those are the colors of yellow and red. This bike jersey is just an attention getter and catches any one's eye from anywhere. The state symbol is on the jersey along with various "indian drawings"

I have many bike Tour Jersey. I do really love wearing them also. And not because that most of the bike Tour jerseys cost 70.00 dollars plus. The Bike Tour Jersey that I own are very nice - lots of color, nice layout of design and overall just look Damn good on me. Again, should you ask me what my favorite bike Tour Jersey is - I would have to say that it is the bike Tour jersey that was made in a very limited run. Very, very limited - "Tour Diablo" it is yellow once more and on the back of the bike jersey there is a picture of the El Diablo. I would have to say that El Diablo is not scary looking, but sort of a modern art rendition of the devil. I love the way that the devil looks and more important the words "Tour Diablo" is listed on the upper part of the jersey so anyone who is back of me can see where the bike jersey came from. I think this was the first bike Tour that was associated to American Diabetes Association that was held in Loveland, CO. After the first year the ride changed the rules and the official bike jersey could only be acquired through a donation level that was submitted. Long story short - that fucking pissed me off!

I own one Elephant Rock Bike Tour Jersey; Many, many Courage Classic Bike Tour Jersey (I left the tour standing as a 6th year rider); and so own...

And I could go on, but I guess I better come to a stopping point on this subject. I do not want to bore you readers with each jersey.

Again after the first two years of me getting into after cycling, after high school, I was and able to pick and choose the bike jerseys that I wanted to be seen in.

I do not want to seen in the one solid color jersey. To me, and remember readers that this is my personal opinion, you are too cheap to buy an expensive jersey. I do know that there may be many, many reasons why you are wearing a one solid color bike jersey, but overall I have my opinion and I do stand by that.

Now, readers those two solid yellow "cheap" bike jerseys that I mentioned earlier in the blog I still have to this day. Yes, I will pull these bike jersey out to wear. However, I only wear in extreme cases - such as running out of bike jerseys to wear (not doing laundry), or I am going to get dirty (and I mean dirty), or if it is winter (like now) and no one can see the bike jersey that is underneath my coat/jacket.

I have brought you readers into another aspect of my riding and what I think.

Note: I think that is the picture (on today's blog) of the last year's bike jersey that I bought. I was able to buy this on sale and I bought it for the reason that I believe in Team T-Mobile and also my retired rider Jan Ullrich rode for this team. Anyway, I will have to check what I have hanging in my closet.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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