Thursday, January 10, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Mom

Greetings Readers

If you have followed for at least a year then this will come to no surprise.

Happy Birthday to my Mom

There. I have stated this so my mom can not say that I did not remember her birthday once more. Last year was nice since I had back-up was covered, so to speak.

Now, I need to revisit a portion of my topic from yesterday.

By no means do I not get mad while on a bike, but when I do I really do get mad.

Otherwise, I may get mad at the moment and then it is gone. Forgotten about.

When I ride - I ride. I love listening to the music in my ears (whether from my CD Player or Ipod). I like the way I am on a bike. I like the way I look on whatever bike I chose to ride that day. I love my bike short and showing off, as my old co-worker would use this word, "awesome" thighs. Rock hard baby. Nice and tan year round. Matter of fact I like flexing the muscles in my legs just to show off the muscles. Now, this year since I have been working out at the Colorado Athletic Club (the CAC) I am ready to show off some muscles in my biceps. Granted, I am slim, but now I know there is muscle definition and I am a lot bigger than I was 5 months ago. I love wearing my bike (cycling) jerseys. And I think that the reason is that I need to get my money's worth by wearing those jerseys. Granted, some I got on sale, but otherwise I am spending 60 to 80 dollars per bike jersey. Matter of fact, what is sad is that my cycling wardrobe is more expensive than my entire clothing I wear. That is a true sign of a cyclist is when you biking wardrobe exceeds your everyday wear. I love wearing my Oakleys M frames. I like wearing one of my bandannas on my head (head bowed in rememberance). I love the tans lines I have all over my body. I like my cycling socks - oh yes. I like the way I ride. I like the way I feel. I like pushing myself to the limits, whatever it may be at that moment. I like riding down other riders. I like hill climbing ( I know I am an "awesome" climber ). I like the way my Blue Pro Race2 Michelin tires look on my bikes. I love 100 degree plus days. I love the look of a woman's calves I may see on my rides which just melts my heart. I like the glimpe of a thong showing. I like my bike odometers (yes plural - I have two odometers on each bike). I like the way the bandannas are wrapped around my handlebars. I like my post ride hangout at the Arapahoe Marketplace. I like the way I and my look while not riding. I like having a cold Coca-Cola in my water bottle cages. I love the feeling when a rider is trying to keep up with me. I love the white line on the road. I love the sweat rolling down my head from exertion. I love the timing of myself from point A to point B. I love the way that only my fingers are tanned and the rest of the hand is not. I like how my Oakleys keep part of my face from not being tanned.

As you can read. There is just so much that I love/like about riding. I probably could keep on going. All these moments are what I am. The dislikes - yes there are some - are so few that I just do not dwell on them.

Is it Phil Liggett who comments often on pedals of anger? Pedals of Anger. No such thing in my book.

Matter of fact, it is pedalling of desire/want. Or the "love of".

Today's picture is Britney Spears. Well, things have changed for me about her. No longer desireable to me. Now, the Navel I so fell in love with just no longer does it for me.

P.S. If any of you readers need to know what to get for my birthday. Perhaps a woman. =)

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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