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The Australian Open 2008 - Day 14

Greetings Readers

I am 0-3 in my bets for this year. Yes, my finalists that I chose both lost this weekend.

The Men's Australian Open final was great, and even more so that Federer was not in the finals. I gave the Final's match an exciting and unknown on who was going to win. I did not have to listen to announcers say... for example.. How long is Federer going to take to win this Finals? or How many shots is Federer going to take to win this Finals match? How many sets is Federer going to play before he wins the Australian Open.

There was none of that talk. Should I use the word that Dick and Mary used this morning? "Refreshing". Refreshing. It was "refreshing" and in the sense that there was not the usual person that was in the Finals match. The playing field was sort of level. But, not really. There is the number three men's tennis player that was playing against an unseeded player-the under dog.

The announcers talked about "Drama" but there was no drama. Just play. Unfortunately, for Djokovic since all the Australians were behind Tsonga. Tsonga was and is the player that everyone was behind, yet deep down in our hearts we knew that the number three seeded player in the world was number three for a reason.

The final score 4-6, 6-4, 6-3, 7-6 (2) Novak winning the 2008 Australian Open.

Now readers, I am assuming that most of my readers are probably tired of my tennis, since most of the readers are probably not a fanatic about Tennis as I am. Who knows and do I care? Well, no. If you readers do not want to read about tennis then obviously you have the power to move that mouse and click to another website.

I did go to the Stock Show yesterday and I did have fun down North of Denver at the Western Stock Show Complex. The day was warm and sunny. I think the temperature got into the forties and there was a slight wind blowing in from the south.

As you can tell from the picture posted for today I did find, locate and bought a few items at the Jack Daniels Booth. That was the main reason why I went to the stock show this year. I did not get tickets to the Rodeo, but I was able to enjoy wandering around the ground.

I was ready this year to spend some money. I got the big booth and was just wondering what I could buy and what I really wanted to buy.

I saw that there was three different styles of Jack Daniels Bandanna's, A nice selection of hats, some shirts, and misc items.

The stuff that I got was two hats (one for me and one for my brother), one T-shirt (probably for my brother), four Bandanna's (three for me and one for my brother) and two bar mats (both for me). I wanted to buy some shot glasses, a key chain, and a jacket/coat. Yet, I was able to limit myself to the items I mentioned that I bought.

I was able to budget for this purchase two months in advanced and I did good. I also went to the Coors booth, but did not really see anything that caught my eye.

After doing all the business I needed to do I grabbed myself a beer, then throughout the time I was there I had some Lynchburg Lemonade.


When someone like me goes to a bar and orders "Jack and Coke" I get Jack and Coke. I hope that there are people that share that same sediment.

When I said Jack and Coke, I saw that the server was going to pour some Pepsi into the cup of ice and shot of Jack Daniel's. "Whoa. stop. What are you doing?!" "I said Jack and Coke. Coca-Cola" She replies that they only have/serve Pepsi.

That is fucked up. Period. There is no way that Jack Daniel's goes with Pepsi. That is like putting Wild Turkey with Dr. Pepper. or Soy Milk in a White Russian. That's just a fucked up drink that no one should settle with. Er. Let me reiterate that. That is nothing that I would settle should there be no Coca-Cola available.

Now, I am not angry, but Pepsi does not go with Jack Daniel's. As my favorite little buddy would say "That's just wrong. Wrong!"

Alright readers I guess the first Grand Slam of the year is over and now I can get back to my regular writing tomorrow.

I took RTD and Light rail down to the Stock show and I heard and scene some interesting things.

One thing I like to mention.

I was at the 30th and Downing. I am not sure if this was a black or Hispanic neighborhood, but both were predominate. I got on the bus going north and the bus still had some time before leaving. The bus driver was black and then there was this Hispanic guy. He asked the bus driver a question, but I was not paying attention. Of all times that I did not bring my Ipod with me you would think I would have been "paying attention" to this particular conversation.

I did not know anything happened at all. The Hispanic guy gets off the bus and then just hangs out about 10 feet from the bus I am waiting on. A few minutes pass by then the Hispanic guy gets on this bus once more and then I hear the bus driver say "I told you this bus is not going downtown!" The Hispanic guy starts to put his money into the money thing-a-mig-jiggy and the bus driver once more says "This bus is not going downtown"

Be right back.. not finish....

"I am not going downtown" the bus driver says. Then something was said between them but, I could not hear. Then, the bus driver says "You asked me which way was downtown." The Hispanic guy goes "Well, that does not mean I wanted to go downtown." (Readers who does this sound like to a T?!)

"Go back to Africa."

My ears perked up even more so. I think I was about to witness an interracial showdown at 30th and Downing. How much is this Black bus driver going to take? And more importantly how was he going to respond to this Hispanic Guy? Of course the Bus driver is working and he probably has been trained/taught how to act in this sort of scenario.

The Hispanic guy passes me on the bus mumbling away and still saying go back to to Africa you black Motherf&%$#*. I was watching and listening closely to what the bus driver was/is planning to do.

Nothing happened though. No showdown in the hood.

The weather is beautiful today. It has to be in the fifties. Some wind is blowing. Otherwise - WARM.

Oh, and the women in tight wrangers! Oh baby, do you realize that I have to wait 50 weeks before I get to see another woman in a tight blue jean wrangers and a cowgirl shirt with curly long blonde (not strict though - brunette hair, red hair - all good baby) hair. Just too long to wait inbetween. I am not going to say that is a turn-on, but I do like looking at a woman who somehow got herself into some tight fitting, spray painted wrangers. And yes readers I know I could go to Stampede, but that's just not my place to go.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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