Sunday, October 14, 2007

T Minus - Zero Hour

Greetings Readers

Well, my decision for the 24 hours of Boulder was a no-go. Period.

I saw that the weather forecasters were predicting steady rain starting Saturday evening and continuing into Sunday morning. And that was that. I was not in the mood to run in the rain, whether heavy, steady or light rain. I did not want to be wet and cold or one or the other. Wet is wet and I just did not want to be miserable.

There was a bit of sadness of not doing this event, but I do have to watch out for my well being. Actually, I wanted the adventure to be fun and nice, so to speak. I am sure that I could have been okay in doing this. Yet for the sake of argument - I would be changing my socks and probably would have taken a couple pairs of running shoes and a few jackets to change when soaking wet. There is always next year or perhaps there is one on the horizon. I did train for the event so I am still ready to an event.

Speaking of events there is something I would like to talk about but I do not want you or anyone else to tell me the results. I am busting, but alas I can not tell you readers.

And yes the Rockies won once more and Eddie Murphy and his movie "Nowhereland" finished their location shoot in and around in Denver and have headed back to La-La Land (LA). And the Broncos are off on their bye week - I so wanted to witness a beat down since I was out of town for the beat down that happened last week.

Update 10/16/07 - This is a picture from my balcony. I have mentioned my Balcony several times and here is a view that was recently taken in the past two weeks.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley

The Fallen Athlete

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