Friday, October 26, 2007

October's Full Moon

Greetings Readers

I received my new Tiesto - In Search of Sunrise - Volume 6 - Ibiza last night from I have only listened to Disc 1 and the music is what I wanted to hear from Tiesto. This follows, I think, to the early ISOS volumes and I think that's what I have expect from him. I did not care for Los Angeles Volume. ISOS - Los Angeles has good tracks, but in my mind not necessary representative of the other In Search of Sunrise (ISOS) Volumes.

Too bad about the Colorado Rockies, but dang did you see Holliday get picked off at first base last night? Damn! Not even close and that was a fuck up that the Rockies did not need that late in the game. Whew wee! I am glad for the Boston Red Sox, but of course I would like for Colorado to give it some excitement. Dang. I saw many, many strikeouts last night and that was pretty ugly, yet at the time I was pumping my fist in the air. Boo yah!

I left early for work so I did not get to see the news this morning. I wanted to see how the news was going to play out this morning about the beloved Rockies in the newsroom.

I guess it is time to show another one of my girls. This is Heidi that is pictured on today's blog. She is my first official road bike, after my Motobecane of course. I got her at a discount since the store was clearing the "old bikes" out. I put her on layaway and then picked her up with my tax refund that year. I think she is 7 years old and has about 50,000 miles. I have basically retired her. She gets all the old parts of the later girls that I might of upgraded. I quite proud of her and she is "old school" The paint is faded here and there from the sun, I still have the original crank, but boy oh boy the teeth are not even teeth anymore. The chain skips since there is no teeth to hold the chain tight. So, I have to be careful not to apply any quick, sudden pressure or else the chain will literally skip over the teeth. Yeah, I know that I should have changed/replaced the crank, but I am always upgrading the other bikes and Heidi is no longer priority. Upgrading my 10 bikes is very, very expensive so I have to choose where I want to spend the money. I still take Heidi in for her yearly free check up, and Heidi still gets riding time only in the winter and rainy months. Otherwise, I have her hanging up from the wall, looking oh so pretty.

Heidi is still the love of my life. She was the first bike I named and she is aptly named after Heidi Klum.

Update 10/27/07 - I was wrong about the Tiesto - In Search of Sunrise - Vol 5 - Los Angeles. I had to be sure last night and I did pick the wrong CD that I thought it was not very good. I am going to have to listen to the other CD's to verify which one I thought was so-so. Sorry readers for making the mistake.

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Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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